Escondido Water Heater Repair Service & Installation

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Consider A New Approach To Purchasing A Water Heater


Escondido Water Heater Repair Service and Installation

At Big B's Plumbing, we're your premier Escondido water heater repair and installation company. It never fails when you least expect it, the water heater goes kaput. It sat in the corner of your garage for the past thirteen years and never had a problem. We've heard that a thousand times before. Most of the time, it will stop without warning. With that said, it's still one of the more reliable appliances in our home. Most people run down to their local home improvement center, find the cheapest water heater in stock, and buy it without ever giving it a second thought. Consider a new approach to purchasing a water heater. Since it's an appliance that will be with you for the next ten to fifteen years, why not take a couple of extra steps and get the one you want and need without any regrets? 

Take The Guesswork Out Of Selecting The Right Size Water Heater

The fact is, water heaters, like so many other products, have seen significant jumps in technology. For example, an Energy Star labeled water heater can save 8% more energy over a standard model and up to 30% on water heaters produced ten years ago. There are other features that a Big B's Plumbing technician can compare when making a purchase. Consulting your technician can also take the guesswork out of selecting the right size water heater. Did you know that with some models, you can purchase a 40-gallon water heater for almost as much as a 50-gallon? Make sure you buy a model that matches the size of your family. In many cases, a homeowner will have a 70-gallon jacuzzi bathtub and will install a 40 gal water heater without understanding that they don't go together.

Basic Ideas When Sizing For Your Water Heater
30-gallon water heater - A family of 1-2
40-gallon water heater - A family of 2-3
40-50 gallon water heater - A family of 3-4
50-80 gallon water heater- A family of 5 or more

Most Water Heaters Only Need Repairing, Not Replacing

When your water heater breaks down, maybe you can just repair it? While the latest models can significantly save a homeowner on energy costs, it may be more practical to repair your current heater, especially if it's less than eight years old. At Big B's Plumbing, we have a highly-skilled plumbing expert that will fix your heater when you don't need a replacement. On some occasions, a homeowner will want their water heater replaced to the latest version, even if repairing it is an option because of its age. 

Your Water Heater Is Part Of Our Quality Of Life

Have you ever stopped to think about how much impact your water heater has on our quality of life? For example, bathing, shaving, washing clothes, and washing dishes all use hot water. Whether you need your water heater repaired or replaced, having it go down can throw us for a loop. At Big B's Plumbing, we're your premier Escondido water heater repair and installation company.

Water Heater Repair, Or Water Heater Replacement?

As stated by most experts, your water heater will last 10 to 15 years. You could expect more from your water heater if you provide annual maintenance, but according to, your natural gas water heater will only have a 10-year life expectancy. That number is important when evaluating whether to repair or replace your existing water heater. If repairs are costly and your water heater is near its life expectancy, installing a new energy-efficient water heater is best.

The 50% Rule

One rule that some homeowners practice on fixtures and appliances is the 50% rule. If the water heater repair costs more than 50% of what it costs to replace it, replace it rather than repairing it. But in most cases, it all goes back to the age of your water heater. Some water heater repairs, such as a rusted or leaking storage tank, should only be replaced.

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Replace It With An Energy-Efficient Model

Your heater will make up 14% of your total energy bill; therefore, ensuring it runs efficiently will save on energy costs. An inefficient running water heater will take longer for water to heat, causing it to use more energy. In this instance, it may be wise to replace it with an energy-efficient model. Some of the basic fixes your plumbing technician will make to your water heater is replacing a heating element, fixing a thermostat, repairing a faulty T&P valve, and replacing the anode rod.

Maintenance Will Have Your Water Heater Working At Its Best

Bradford Water Heaters / Water Heater RepairMost homeowners don't know that annual maintenance completed on your water heater will extend its life expectancy. Some manufacturers would not honor the warranty if the water heater were not maintained properly. California is notorious for hard water, and hard water will wreak havoc on our heaters. When the water heats, the minerals solidify, and it turns into limescale buildup. The limescale ends up on the bottom of the tank causing the water heater to work harder. If there is a limescale layer between the burners and the bottom of the tank, it is more difficult for the tank to heat. Reduced efficiency means increased energy costs. Draining your storage tank annually of limescale and changing your anode rod every five years will have your water heater performing at its best. Have your water heater working top-notch, call your premier Escondido water heater repair and installation company, Big B's Plumbing.

One-Year Interest-Free, Same As Cash Financing

When the heater breaks down, the first thing that comes to mind is we just didn't make room for it in our budget. If a water heater isn't in the budget, perhaps you should consider our one-year interest free, same as cash financing on approved credit. We try to leave no stones unturned when it comes to customer care. Maybe you want to upgrade to a tankless water heater. We also have 5-year financing for as low as 6.99%. Whatever the case, rest assured Big B's Plumbing will give you the value and service you deserve. 

At Big B's Plumbing, We Check All The Boxes

Don't trust your water heater repair to just anyone. Your hot water heater will have an impact on your household for years to come, so use a bonded, insured, licensed plumbing contractor for the installation. At Big B's Plumbing, we check all the boxes. We're also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. You can see all our 5-star reviews on Google Business, Facebook, and Yelp!. Big B's Plumbing is your Escondido water heater repair and installation company. License #98615





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