High and Low Water Pressure Repairs In Oceanside CA.

Oceanside, California, is notorious for high and low water pressure. Your Big B's Plumbing technician has the knowledge and equipment to pinpoint the source of water pressure issues swiftly. All Oceanside plumbers have undergone thorough training and have the experience to handle your low water pressure issues. We perform a thorough and complete assessment since the issue might arise from a variety of sources. In addition, the Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating as an Oceanside plumbing company. When you require a plumbing expert to examine your high or low water pressure in Oceanside, CA, we've got you covered.

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Oceanside California, High and Low Water Pressure Repairs


Big B's Plumbing - High and Low Water Pressure Repairs In Oceanside CA.

There's nothing more frustrating than going into your shower and discovering that your water pressure is insufficient. Many individuals would consider good water pressure as part of a good standard of living.  The right water pressure makes our daily tasks simpler, whether we're washing dishes, bathing, or cleaning our automobiles. Don't be deceived into believing that increased water pressure is always beneficial to our plumbing system. High water pressure puts a strain on your plumbing system, causing leaks and other problems. We'll be able to rapidly determine the cause of the problem thanks to our cutting-edge plumbing equipment.

High Water Pressure Is No Luxury

Contrary to popular belief, high water pressure is not a luxury. It is, in fact, bad for your plumbing system and has the potential to wreak havoc on your pipes and appliances by causing them to leak.  If you're having issues with high or low water pressure in Oceanside, CA, contact the experts at Big B's Plumbing right away. In most cases, your water pressure can vary depending on where you reside. However, according to California plumbing regulation, if the water pressure in your home surpasses eighty pounds per square inch, you need to install a water pressure regulator.

Your Water Pressure Regulator Should Get Set Between 40-60 PSI

Those residents with low water pressure in Oceanside, CA, can call their city's water provider and ask for an assessment of their neighborhood's water pressure. One of your city's water professionals will perform a pressure test at a nearby fire hydrant. The test results will be sent to you by your water provider. It's recommended that your home maintains a water pressure between 40 and 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). If your water pressure is low, check with your neighbors to determine if your low water pressure is due to an issue with your home's plumbing system or an issue with your city's water supply. If your neighbors are not experiencing the same problem, then your plumbing system is probably to blame.

What Are The Warning Signs Of High Water Pressure?

 If your water pressure seems too high, the most common cause is a faulty regulator. This suggests that your regulator will need to be adjusted or replaced entirely. A professional plumbing specialist should evaluate your plumbing system to determine the cause of your high or low water pressure. Homeowners can do this themselves by purchasing a  water pressure test gauge for around ten dollars online or at your local home center. Similarly, a homeowner should be aware of the following warning indications of low or excessive water pressure:

  • Your home's plumbing system is vibrating.
  • Appliances and pipes will make unusual noises as a result of the increased water pressure.
  • Your water heater isn't producing enough hot water.
  • Your water bills have risen dramatically.
  • The pipes have begun to leak.
  • Problems with your appliances leaking are an issue. 

Over 80 PSI Is Considered Extreme Water Pressure

Water pressure above 80 psi is considered severe, so make sure your regulator gets set between 40-60 psi. A faulty regulator is often the cause of excessive water pressure. Your regulator has a life span of 8 to 10 years under normal conditions. According to most experts, you should replace an aging regulator before it breaks. Call us today if you have high or low water pressure in Oceanside, CA. 


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Another more common problem is a partly closed shutoff valve. Most shutoff valves are directly in line with the main water supply pipe and are generally found in your garage or on your home's perimeter. It's not uncommon for someone to tamper or accidentally knock the shutoff valve, partially closing it, restricting water supply to your property.

Any Homeowner can Check Their Water Pressure Using A Ten Dollar Water Pressure Gauge

When a water pressure regulator fails, both high and low water pressure might occur. Using a water pressure gauge, check the water pressure at the external spigot nearest to the pressure regulator in your home. When the water gets switched on and the gauge is connected, it will provide you with a good reading of the water pressure in your house. Big B's Plumbing can handle all of your low water pressure repairs in Oceanside, CA.

California's Hard Water Is Bad On Any Plumbing System

Be on the alert for hard water deposits around your pipes, especially if you have an older home and live in California, which is notorious for hard water. Mineral deposits accumulate in your pipelines, and over time they will limit water flow, resulting in lower water pressure.

A Plumbing Expert Is Always Best For Checking Your Water Pressure

Another tragic plumbing issue is a leak in the foundation of your home that could go unnoticed for days, if not weeks. The issue starts in the slab and, in some cases, does not get recognized until water has risen to the top of your foundation. Once the water has passed through the slab, it will cause damage to your flooring. A significant rise in your water bill is another clue. If a water leak remains unnoticed, it may cause substantial property damage. Another probable cause of low pressure is water leaking from the slab. Have your water pressure checked by a professional plumber.

A+ Rated With The Better Business Bureau

When we answer the phone, your service begins. Our customer service representatives are the finest in the industry, and every call gets answered that comes into our contact center. Your agent will gather all the pertinent information needed to quickly get your plumber dispatched. Any plumber that enters your house has been subjected to a sex offender and criminal background check by a third party. Our plumbing company in Oceanside, CA, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can see how others have experienced our service and value. Happy consumers have leftover a thousand five-star reviews. All of your high or low water pressure repairs in Oceanside, CA, will be handled by a Big B's Plumbing expert.


High and Low Water Pressure Repairs

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