Oceanside Water Heater Repair Service & Installation

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Our Water Heater Life Span is 10 to 15 Years


Oceanside water heater repair service and Installation

Need an Oceanside water heater repair, service, and installation company? At Big B's Plumbing, we have you covered with the best plumbing experts in the industry. We can never predict when our water heater will see its final day. In some cases, it may show signs that it's time to replace it, such as rust, leaking tank, and unusual sounds. Age is also a significant factor; the average life expectancy of a water heater is ten to fifteen years. When we start to see the signs of wear, it's always best to replace your heater; otherwise, it becomes an inconvenience and sometimes more costly when it breaks. I think most homeowners would agree that when our water heater breaks down, it has a way of throwing everything off in the home because hot water is a big part of our quality of life. Without our water heater, we couldn't take hot showers, wash clothes, or clean dishes.  

Your Oceanside Water Heater Repair Service

Don't replace your water heater, repair it. The fact is that most water heaters only need repairing. At Big B's Plumbing, our first line of interest is to repair your hot water heater. Some repairs are a fraction of what it would cost to replace it, especially if your water heater is less than eight years old. For example, some of the smaller issues are the thermostat, anode rod, broken drain valve, gas control valve, temperature & pressure valve, or heating elements. Every homeowner should have the option to either replace or repair their heater. Your Big B's Plumbing technician will educate the customer on all their options. In the case of a rusted storage tank, there is only one option, and that's to replace your current water heater. When you need an Oceanside water heater repair, service, and installation company, call Big B's Plumbing today.

Your Oceanside Water Heater Installation Company

While we always aim to repair your water heater, we will never advise throwing good money after bad. The latest water heaters on the market with the Energy Star label can save 8% in energy costs over standard water heaters and 30% savings on early models. It's always good to remember that your water heater is an appliance that will be with you for the next ten to fifteen years. Therefore, shop carefully and have no regrets. Your Big B's Plumbing Technician will educate you on all the features, benefits, and costs. Additionally, they will show you firsthand how to calculate the size to precisely fit your family. At Big B's Plumbing, we can install a pre-purchased water heater, or you can purchase a high-quality Bradford White water heater from our stock at a great value. We're your Oceanside Water Heater Installation Company.

We'll Finance Your New Water Heater

Let's face it most broken water heaters happen when we least expect it, and that includes our budget. It's not easy raising a family while running into unexpected expenses. That's why Big B's Plumbing offers special financing for that unexpected plumbing setback. We have one-year financing available for 0% interest for one year. But don't let that stop you from upgrading to a tankless water heater because we also have five-year financing starting at 6.99%. A Big B's Plumbing, we have some of the industry's best financings; hopefully, that will take the sting out of any unexpected plumbing issue. When you need an Oceanside Water Heater Installation company with excellent financing, call Big B's Plumbing today! 

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What to look for when making a water heater purchase

Consider how long your water heater will be with the family before you run out and purchase the cheapest water heater on the market. New water heater technologies are growing quickly. As stated, some heaters are as much as 30% more energy-efficient as heaters built ten years ago. Remember that all water heaters are not created equal, so do your homework and consult with your plumbing professional. 

Questions I should ask before making a water heater purchase:

  • Does it have the EnergyStar label?
  • What are the latest features?
  • How many gallons of water does my family require?
  • What is the warranty?
  • Should I upgrade to a tankless?

One of the biggest problems that wreak havoc on our water heaters is hard water. The minerals build up in the tank and, if not flushed out, they'll put stress on the heater and cut down its life span. While all water heater makers advise flushing their heaters annually, most homeowners have never flushed them. Some makers have introduced new technologies that will reduce the scale buildup. Bradford White introduced their version of mineral reducing technology called the HydroJet® Total Performance System. The new water heater engineering gives them an edge over the rest of the pack. If you need maintenance or water heater repair, Big B's Plumbing has you covered.

Benefits Of Hydrjet Technologies:

  • It will extend the lifetime of your water heater
  • Reduces the sediment in your tank
  • Improves first-hour rating
  • For much less money, it produces more hot water
  • Improve overall operating performance
  • Produces more hot water faster than other water heaters

The Defender Safety System® Technology

Bradford White also has the Defender Safety System® technology for gas-powered water heaters. The Defender Safety System® will shut itself off automatically if it detects vapors, keeping you, your family, and your property safe. When you need a new water installation, call for an expert at Big B's Plumbing.


Most homeowners don't give it a second thought about water heater maintenance. The fact is, if you make a point of flushing your storage tank and removing the sediment annually, it is proven to extend its life significantly. Changing the anode rod every five years could also add more years to your heater. Get the water heater repair, service, and installation you deserve, call Big B's Plumbing today.




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