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 If your home is showing signs that a home repipe is needed,  trust your home repiping contractor San Marcos, Big B's Plumbing. We're an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Give us a call, our top-notch customer representatives are ready to send out our expert plumbers to your home.

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Big B's Plumbing Company RiversideAt Big B's Plumbing, we're your home repiping contractor San Marcos California. Did you know that San Marcos had 3,896 people living in San Marcos in 1970? That's less than 50 years ago. As of 2018, the population has grown to 96,847. That's crazy growth in such a short period of time, but what does that have to do with home repiping. In that time custom homes, as well as track homes, were built as far as the eye could see. The population grew 348% from 1970 to 1980. With copper piping having an average life expectancy of 40 to 50 years, many of those old homes in San Marcos are starting to show signs of aging. While the average is 40 to 50 years were seeing homes that need repiping well before that time. In most cases, a house that requires a repiping that's well under the average is usually because of poor quality copper and or shabby installation.

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Most homeowners can't imagine repiping there home — they can't help but think of the cost and inconvenience. While yes it is inconvenient and yes the price is more than your average plumbing service, but it's not what you think. Welcome to 21-century plumbing, at Big B's Plumbing we can repipe a two-bathroom home in one day and a three and four bathroom home in two days. We have a team of home repiping specialists. They map out the project in detail and execute their plan to perfection. If you're experiencing, bad tasting water, leaking pipes, low water pressure or discolored water call Big B's Plumbing today for a complete pipe inspection. Your home repiping contractor, San Marcos.


Included in the latest technologies is new tubing for repiping your home. While not exactly new, the average homeowner is not familiar with the product. The product is Cross-Linked Polyethylene Tubing (PEX). The maker Uponor developed AquaPEX® tubing in the mid-90s, and it began to pick up steam at the turn of the century. It's most plumbing companies go to piping for new construction and repiping. The product cost less and can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. But the best feature of all is the fact that it too has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years.


With all that said, some homeowners are still not convinced. They still prefer copper piping for their home, and that's OK! Copper piping has been part of our homes plumbing system for nearly 60 years. It was and still is a very reliable pipe. Our repiping specialist specializes in both copper and PEX. If your home is showing signs that a home repipe is immanent trust the experts at Big B's Plumbing. We're an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We also have top-notch reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Call Big B's Plumbing today Big B's Plumbing, your home repiping contractor San Marcos #986152.





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