San Marcos Slab Leak Repair And Detection

When your home is showing signs of a slab leak, Big B's Plumbing provides San Marcos Slab Leak Repair And Detection services. Our response times are second to none. Give us a call for all different plumbing services in San Marcos, CA, you won't regret it and our 1000+ reviews on Yelp!, Google My Business and Facebook can attest to our superior plumbing service. 

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Housing Tracks Have Taken Shape All Over San Marcos

Plumbing Company - San Marcos Slab Leak Repair & DetectionBig B's Plumbing provides San Marcos slab leak repair and detection services. Since 1980 the beautiful city of San Marcos has grown over 500%, so what's the attraction? Gorgeous weather, beautiful community, amazing colleges, and schools. Most of San Marcos is relatively new. Housing tracks have taken shape all over San Marcos such as Sage Canyon, Rancho Coronado, Santa Fe Hills, and Twin Oaks Valley, just to name a few.

San Marcos Slab Leak Repairs

Additionally, major businesses have taken root in San Marcos establishments like Kaiser Permanente, Hunter Industries, and United Parcel Service. Shopping malls, strip malls, and fine dining are all part of the vibe in San Marcos. Some of the older homes are now turning 50 plus years old, and some of the more common plumbing problems found in older homes are popping up such as Slab Leaks.

In San Marcos Slab Leaks Are Mostly Needed In Old Homes

Slab leaks are most common in older homes but do occur in new homes as well. When your slab starts to leak, it will do so without warning. In every case, water damage will happen, how much will depend on early detection. Your water bill will speak volumes for detecting any water leak. When you get your water bill and it appears to be higher than usual, don't brush it off as just another high water bill. Take the necessary steps to investigate for possible water leaks. If you feel you have a water leak, call your San Marcos slab leak repair and detection specialist at Big B's Plumbing.

A Good Place To Check For A Water Leak Is Your Meter

An excellent place to start is with your water meter, usually located toward the bottom of your yard close to the street. Turn the meter off and wait for 30 minutes. Recheck the meter; if it's still moving while everything is off, then you have a water leak. Don't stop there, with your meter still turned to the off position, turn your irrigation valve off. Wait 30 minutes. If your water meter stops, then the leak is in your irrigation; if it continues to move, then the leak is in your home.

A Pinhole Leak Is A Big Cause Of Slab Leaks

Nationally an estimated 8.1% of homeowners have reported a slab leak. In some communities, 21% to 60% of houses have reported pinhole leaks. The leading cause of slab leaks is corrosion. A pinhole leak can take place when a copper pipe is pitted and become corroded, this is most common in hot water pipes. While not as common as other plumbing repairs such as a broken water heater, clogged sewer line or garbage disposal replacement, homeowners need to keep a sharp eye out for a slab leak.

Knowing The Signs Is Half The Battle

As we said, your water bill is the wake-up call that something is wrong. In most cases, if you have a slab leak that will cause a reduction in your water pressure. You can also feel around the carpeted areas of your home for moisture. Don't forget to check those carpeted areas that don't have much traffic. If you feel any signs of moisture chances are you have a slab leak. Examine your tiles, laminate, and hardwood floors. If you see any signs of your laminate or hardwood floors buckling there's a good chance you have a slab leak. Tiles and grout will darken because the water from the leak will saturate the tiles and grout lines.

Big B's Plumbing Is Ready On Short Notice

You need a plumbing company with the latest electronic slab leak equipment and the experience to fix the problem fast getting your home back on track. Trust the professionals from Big B's Plumbing A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We built a reputation for rapid response times, good value, and knowledgeable friendly service. Call your #1 rated San Marcos slab leak repair and detection service today!



San Marcos Slab Leak Repair

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