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The Basics On Clog FREE Drains


Here are some of the basics of having clog free drains. The last time I looked, it cost about $90 to $100 bucks to have a plumber come out to clean your drain. If your clog is deep and significant, heavier equipment may be required, escalating the cost. Not to mention the time spent along…

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Sewer Line Cleanouts Can Be A Problem

Sewer Line Cleanouts

Every house should have a cleanout, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many sewer line cleanouts are challenging to find especially in order homes that are more than 30 years old. In many cases, they’ve been buried, drywalled or concreted over for aesthetic reasons. Many of our state and city ordinances weren’t in place…

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Sewer Main Replaced Served 100 Homes

Sewer Main Replaced

At Big B’s plumbing, we always enjoy showing our projects especially when they have such an effect on so many people. In this case, the sewer main needed to be replaced. It is the primary sewer line to 100 mobile homes. When you start a project like this planning is critical. Rule #1 plan for…

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Water Heater Repair It Or Replace It?

Replace Our Water Heater

Our water heater is one of those appliances that we just take for granted. Year after year they sit in the corner of our garage providing hot water. It isn’t until something goes wrong that we even take notice. Most people with old water heaters don’t just replace them because they’re old. We usually wait…

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