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Your Plumbing Doesn’t Have A Warning Light

Unlike a car, when something goes wrong with your plumbing system, check engine light won’t go on. The fact of the matter is that properly installed sewer lines and copper pipes in our home plumbing system will last for years. But if not maintained correctly, they can create some real headaches. Some simple steps taken…

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Know Your Plumbing System In A Natural Disaster

plumbing disaster

What you should know about your plumbing system in a natural disaster. Many homes in California are susceptible to flooding and earthquakes. Every homeowner needs to have the necessary knowledge of how to handle a natural disaster. Here are some of the basics you should know: 1. Locate all the cleanouts in your home, In most…

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One Trillion Gallons Of Water Wasted

Save Energy Save Money

Yes, one trillion gallons of water wasted each year according to WaterSense, a division of (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency. From March 19 – 25, 2018, the EPA is running a campaign called “Fix a Leak Week” to encourage homeowners to fix the leaks in their homes. It doesn’t stop there, we should be vigilant about…

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Plumbing Contractor Vs Handyman

Plumbing Contractor

Do you hire a plumbing contractor or a handyman? Let’s start by saying a handyman or woman provide essential services that can be useful to homeowners and businesses alike. But like any trade or service, there are laws in place to protect consumers. SWIFT Is Catching Violators A handyman must stay under the legal construction…

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Your Spring Plumbing Checklist

Plumbing Checklist

It’s time for your spring plumbing checklist. Now most of us do spring cleaning but have you ever thought about a spring plumbing checklist. Sounds absurd but it can save you big on future plumbing problems. If a sink has a small leak, you will never know until you see mold or a soggy bulging…

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Three Major Plumbing Issues

Slab Leak

Three major plumbing issues to keep a watchful eye. We cannot avoid plumbing problems.  If you’re a home or property owner plumbing problem are inevitable. The real question is whether it will be a major or minor problem. If kept in check a small plumbing issue will not turn into a big problem. Like everything…

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Do You Hire A Plumber Or DIY?

When do I hire a plumber

Do You Hire A Plumber Or DIY? When do I hire a plumber and when do you DIY(do-it-yourself)?  Let’s be honest with ourselves; with few basic tools, a homeowner or renter can handle minor plumbing issues. Even if you’re somewhat handy, you can tackle small plumbing problems such as replacing a drain cover, clearing a…

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Replacing Your Sewer Cleanout

Replacing your sewer cleanout is nothing new in older homes. How do you know your sewer cleanout needs replacing? There are certain indicators that your sewer cleanout needs replacing. The first thing to remember is that your sewer cleanout is what gives your plumber access to the rest of your sewer pipe. It’s a more…

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How to Clear a Bathroom Sink

Faucet Parts

Everyone has experienced a clogged bathroom sink. In fact, at least a couple of years or more our bathroom sink start to back up. Even when we create new habits to prevent out sinks from clogging, they still get backed up. The most significant problems occur from our daily routine, brushing our teeth, combing hair…

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