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How To Find “The Best Water Heaters”

How do you know what are truly the best water heaters? For most consumers, if you type in the word “best” into a Google search for any product or service you’re not going to get what you’re looking for. For example, I typed into Google, “the best water heaters” and I get a list of…

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How To Avoid Crappy Plumbing Work

Call My Plumber

Let’s face it – every trade has the good, the bad and the ugly. There are those tradesmen who work to see what they can get from a customer today and never look beyond tomorrow. The fact of the matter is that most broken pipes and pipe leaks occur because of crappy plumbing work completed…

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5 Ways To Avoid The DIY Plumbing Disaster

Time To Repipe Your Home

Most plumbing companies will tell you that a lot of their work comes from the do-it-yourselfer. Yes, cleaning up the mess left behind from a plumbing project that went wrong. We all want to save a few bucks, myself included, but in some cases, it’s better left to the professionals. It’s up to us to…

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You Won’t Miss The Water Experience

Water conservation is no mystery in California. Water is one of our most precious resources. At Big B’s Plumbing, we like to spread the news on ways we can conserve water without missing out on the “water experience.” What we mean when we say “water experience” is: We all want to enjoy a good hot…

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Six Easy Ways To Hire The Right Plumbing Company

Nothing is hidden from the public any longer. If you’re a business providing poor service, your sin will find you out. And if you’re a consumer wanting to find the right plumbing company for your job, you can. If you’re willing to take the few extra minutes to get online and do your research, you…

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Are You Ready For Intelligent Toilets?

Yes, it’s true. We now have intelligent toilets and why not? Everything else has the latest technology. According to Kohler, this is next-generation technology. We all seem to take our toilets for granted. For some, it’s a pit stop but for others, it’s a time to relax. For myself, I can catch up on my…

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It’s Time For A New Bathtub

It’s time for a new bathtub! How times have changed, years ago taking a hot bath was the way to go. Nothing soothed the body more than a hot bath. Not so anymore maybe it’s because of our busy lifestyles. Some people seem to think their unsanitary while others can’t wait to find the time…

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Start Installing Low Flow Fixtures

Well, we’re almost halfway through the year. For some, our resolutions have been made and forgotten. But for others, we’re still on track. Maybe we set a goal for recycling more or retrofitting our home with new energy saving products. For many, it’s become a deep conviction to do our fair share to preserve our environment.…

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Home Pipe Replacement, What Next?

As most people already know, homeownership comes with great responsibility.  For some homes, it seems like nothing goes wrong while other experience the occasional setbacks. For the most part, newer homes may have minor plumbing fixes unless the original craftsmanship was shabby, but older homes can experience significant plumbing problems. While most of us might…

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Commercial Plumber Or Residential Plumber

So what is the difference between a commercial plumber and residential plumber? Some of the differences are obvious. For example, if a drain backs up in a home, the problem can be scheduled for later that same day; but for a business, they need someone ASAP. If you’re a restaurant owner and the urinal is…

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