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Help! The Drain Stinks!

Does your bathroom drains stink? Well, you’re not alone. The stuff that ends up down our drains such as toothpaste, hair, dead skin hair products is all a recipe for a stinky sink. The black gunk that builds up in your sink that causes the smell is called bio-slime. It’s a bacteria that forms from…

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How To Prevent A $23,000 Water Bill

Avoid a high water bill

If you don’t stay on top of your water leaks or manage your home plumbing system well, you might get an outrageous water bill, $23,000. What? Did that really happen? Yes, this happened, Loretta Maddox of Dekalb County in Decatur Georgia received a water bill for over $23,000. Your Water Bill May Be Defective Ok,…

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Are Plumbing Repairs Covered By My Home Warranty?

Plumbing Repairs Covered By Home Warranty

Some of you who have come to this page, you want the answer and nothing else. YES, is the answer to “Are Plumbing Repairs Covered By My Home Warranty?” (That is if your home policy includes the particular service or parts and provider in the plan you chose.) But, those of you who can take…

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How To Find Your Lifetime Plumber

We're Not The Cheapest Plumber

Finding your lifetime plumber is similar to discovering that trustworthy auto mechanic you’ve had for years. You want to be confident that they are advising you of necessary services, and giving you your best options. It does take some time to find that special relationship; unfortunately, you might have to go through a few calls…

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Reasons To Replace Your Toilet

The time has come. That old toilet that you’ve had since moving in just ain’t cutting it anymore. Whether it’s because it’s constantly causing problems or your porcelain throne is looking a little lackluster, you are now considering whether or not you should replace your toilet. What most people don’t know is your plumbing system…

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Common Questions About Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting Sewer Main

So what are the common questions about hydro jetting? First of all, some people have never heard of hydro jetting so let’s start with the basics. What is hydro jetting? Hydro jetting broken down is jetting water through the pipes. It’s the process of flushing a high powered amount of water (4000 PSI-pounds per square…

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Can We Use Drain Cleaners As A Clog Remover?

Clogged drains

It drives me crazy trying to keep information straight on whether Drano or other similar products are safe to pour down those slow drains. Will my pipes be ok? Will product slowly eat away my pipes to cause leaks? Is it environmentally wrong?  Information is always changing, and I’m finding myself still searching for the…

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What Are Drain Flies?

Drain flies

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably wondering what on earth those tiny fuzzy flies are that have decided to take up residence in your bathroom. Drain Flies Are Hamless You’ll be happy to know, these flies, commonly referred to as drain flies, are harmless; but, they are also a giant nuisance, so continue…

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Low Flow High-Efficiency Toilets

water saving toilets

As Southern California residents, water-saving practices have become a part of our daily lives and routines. Many of us now have rock lawns, limit how often we wash our cars, take quicker showers, and may even have water saving toilets in our homes, just to name a few. Become Water Savvy And Install A High…

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