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Three Easy Steps To Maintaining Your Drains

your drains

After working for a plumbing company and owning several older homes, I feel like I’ve become an authority on clogged drains. If you reside in an old house and have smooth flowing drains, consider yourself lucky. On the other hand, you could be one of those who are experiencing repeated clogs. Older homes built 40,…

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Did You Know? Money Saving Plumbing Facts

Random plumbing related facts

We all want to save money and make a good investment. Some of us may even have a little in the stock market. If it goes up, we get excited; if it goes down, we start to worry. Most homeowners would agree that our house is an investment. By taking it a step further, your…

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Five Ways To Keep Your Toilet On Track

your toilet

I think I can speak for most of the population when I say we like our uninterrupted toilet time. There once was a poll taken from 2500 people that revealed that an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes a week was spent in the bathroom. It also showed that going to the toilet took…

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