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How To Avoid The Holiday Plumber

Holiday Plumber

How do we avoid your plumber during the holiday? Most of us have heard the saying, “If something can go wrong, it usually does.” That was Murphy, and he wasn’t negative, he was a realist. Let’s face it. If we own a car, home, boat or any other expensive possession, we will have things go…

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The Reasons Why Our Sewer Lines Fail

Lateral Sewer Line

For the majority of us, we are connected to a city sewer line. A sewer line is also known as a sewer pipe or sewer main. There is very little that can make our sewer lines fail; but when it does, it can wreak havoc. The problems can range from a clogged sewer pipe to…

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I Installed My New Toilet So Can You

my new toilet

I would wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and occasionally, I would hear water running. I finally decided to take my own advice and test our toilets for water leaks. I used a couple of drops of food coloring in the tank and waited for a short time. Lo…

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What To Consider When Installing A Gas Line

Gas Line For A Barbecue

Have you ever stopped to consider how natural gas and propane plays a significant role in our home?  We use it for cooking, hot water, outdoor barbeques, fireplaces, drying clothes, and heating our homes. Most homeowners like natural gas because it costs less, some even claim they prefer it when cooking. They also prefer it…

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Eco-Friendly Solution To Clearing A Clogged Drain

Eco-Friendly Solution To Clearing A Clogged Drain

I think we can all agree that at some point, we’ve experienced a clogged drain. Some homeowners pull the trigger right away and call the plumber, while others will do everything to fix it themselves. There are some basics when it comes to clearing a simple clogged drain. We want to emphasize “simple” because there…

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Plumbing For The Most Energy Efficient Home

energy efficient home

Plumbing for the most energy-efficient home will require some strategic planning. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we used as much water as we wanted. The fact is, our world has grown significantly. The population in California alone has more than doubled since 1970 to close to 40 million. That means we need to…

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Why I Prefer PEX Over Copper For My Home Repipe

PEX Tubing

The pipes are making funny noises, and we’ve experienced a couple of pipe leaks. Our home, built-in 1965, is now approaching sixty years old. The writing is on the wall; our house needs repiping. This scenario is common in older homes. Most copper pipes last forty to sixty years, then they’ll start showing signs of…

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Watch Out For Plumbing Scams

plumbing scams

Watch out for those plumbers who claim to work fast and cheaply. For many homeowners, if you’re not careful, you could be paying for services and supplies that were not as promised. Unfortunately, there are still people who are out to make a quick buck. If you’re a homeowner in need of plumbing services and…

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Don’t Hire The Cheapest Plumber, Hire The Right Plumber

The right plumber

Everyone wants to save a buck, especially when it comes to plumbing services. At some point, every homeowner will have to call a plumber, and while we all want a good deal, we might want to consider other avenues of hiring one other than the cheapest price. Choosing a plumber strictly on cost might just…

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What To Do About Nagging Bathroom Leaks

bathroom leaks

I think we’ve all experienced a nagging faucet leak. While it doesn’t sound like much over time, it could cause a small dent in your water usage and an increase in your monthly water bill. I think most Americans are a little water conscious, so when they encounter a nagging leaky faucet, they want it…

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