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How Plumbing Can Change A Young Persons Life?

Planning To Replace There Copper Pipes

For most young people coming out of high school, they’re still trying to discover their career path. While many head off to college, others don’t feel pushed to attend college. We’ve all heard that there is a significant shortage of tradespeople in the United States. Maybe you’re a person that likes to work with your…

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Emergency Plumber Near Me

plumbing emergency

For every individual homeowner, a plumbing emergency means something different. For some, a water heater that’s no longer producing hot water is a plumbing emergency, while others are willing to wait for service the next day. Even a backed-up toilet can be a 911 emergency for some, so in short, a plumbing emergency is relative…

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PEX Is Becoming Mainstream Plumbing

PEX Tubing

For most homeowners, change is not something we like, specifically in the area of our plumbing. The average homeowner usually doesn’t keep up on the latest plumbing technologies, especially for those who rarely use a plumber. Over the last thirty years, there have been significant breakthroughs in drain cleaning, sewer line replacement, water heaters, smart…

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What’s That Rotten Egg Smell In My Home

Rotten Egg Smell

You come home from work, enter the kitchen, and smell a nasty odor similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. You try to find the smell to a specific area, but you can’t seem to nail it down. There’s a good chance you have a natural gas or propane leak. Even the smallest leaks can produce…

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The Benefits Of A Walk In Tubs

walk in tubs

Have you ever heard someone say, “Getting old sucks”? Nothing could be further from the truth but realize that age is only a number. As I get older, I’m still filled with passion for making this world a better place for the next generation. One of the downsides to aging is the body starts having…

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Super Smart Plumbing Technologies

You can’t avoid it, and it’s here to stay. I’m talking about technology. It has taken over all areas of life. From the lights that shine in our neighborhood streets to ordering coffee in advance in the morning. New technologies have taken over in all kinds of forms. Most homeowners would not be inclined to…

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My Dream Bathroom And Money Is No Object

dream bathroom

Wow, let’s all dream for a moment and think about what your dream bathroom would look like. Not only do you get to build your dream bathroom, but you also have no end to a budget. Regardless of the budget, I do have a practical side so I wouldn’t install something just because it was…

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How Long Is My Water Heater Expected To Last

How Long Is My Water Heater Expected to last

No one wants to get up to a cold shower in the morning. I think we can all agree that the water heater is one of those appliances that, when broken, the whole house seems to get a little grumpy. The fact is, we depend on our hot water heaters more than we think. How…

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Benefits Of Becoming A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Licensed plumbing contractor

Each year thousands of young people are graduating from high school in search of a career. Many of those young adults are just not cut out for college or the cost of college. For those young adults, becoming a plumber is a great way to start a career. In California, apprenticeship programs are available, as…

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Cool Eco-Friendly Bathroom And Plumbing Products

Eco-Friendly Solution To Clearing A Clogged Drain

If you’re a homeowner, I’m sure you would agree that we’ve all had to face minor plumbing issues. It’s usually a clogged kitchen sink, toilet, or bathroom sink; whatever the case, it sure is empowering when we can take care of the plumbing problem ourselves without calling a plumber. In years past we had our…

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