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Why Is My Toilet Always Clogging?

Clogging Toilet

Why is it that my toilet is always clogging? Toilets can clog for an endless number of reasons. But why do some toilets in the same house clog more than others? I think the first thing to consider is who is using the bathroom and is it shared by multiple young children or teens. As…

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My Story On Failing Copper Pipes

Planning To Replace There Copper Pipes

I’m usually pretty good about getting things handled around the house. Leaky toilets, clogged drains, even minor electrical get my attention quickly. But when it comes to major problems around the house that are out of my control, it seems like I procrastinate. I think about the cost, people coming in and out of my…

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Commercial Plumbing Issues Can Affect Your Business

commercial plumbing issuess

No business owner wants to lose a customer. They know it’s much easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. If you’re a small business, chances are you’re spending thousands in marketing costs and for large companies, such as restaurant chains, theaters, and shopping malls that number can go into the millions.…

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters

Let’s face it, no homeowner wants to stand around waiting for our water to heat up. It hurts to watch our precious resource run down the drain. Tankless water heaters, also referred to as on-demand water heaters, can solve that problem. While the standard storage tank heater heats and reheats your water, on-demand heater delivers…

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The Best ShowerHeads For 2020

Instantaneous water heater

So let’s clear the air with the spelling, is it “shower heads” or “showerheads?” Well, the government spells it showerheads, so we will go with that. There are still those that still want to spell it shower heads and we’re ok with that also. With so many showerheads on the market, how do we know…

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The Future Of Plumbing Is Here!

The Seal - Plumbing Security

Most homeowners don’t take a second thought about their plumbing until something goes wrong. We change the oil in our cars, tune them up and keep them running to peak performance, but our plumbing we just take it for granted. We keep up on the latest cars and trends, but many of us wouldn’t know…

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Indicators That You Need Your Plumbing Checked

Know the indicators that you need your plumbing checked so you can save yourself from a lot of grief. We have busy lives, and I can assure you that most homeowners are not thinking about their plumbing systems. Knowing some of the signs that a plumbing problem is right around the corner could catch a…

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What’s Causing My Low Water Pressure

Home With Low Water Pressure

Plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes. If you live in an older home, the plumbing issue seems to happen a little more than newer homes. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer fixing minor problems will come easy, but some require the hand of an expert plumbing technician. Navigating through the most common plumbing issues can…

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How Important Is Your Sewer Line?

Cast Iron Sawer Line

If you ever ask a homeowner, “How important is your sewer line?”, you’re probably going to get an odd look. Frankly, most homeowners never have a second thought about their sewer line until it decides to back up, then they jump into action. Every drain in your home will make its way to the main…

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Do Your Homework And Install The Best Kitchen Faucet

Grohe the best kitchen faucet

If you’re anything like me, keeping up with the latest technologies is almost impossible. When we make a purchase, whether it’s a new toilet, sink, or the best kitchen faucet, the choices are endless. They all have some new technology that we never thought possible. Makers of these products have something up their sleeves; and…

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