Old Home Plumbing Problems

3 Plumbing Problems When Buying An Old Home

You’re buying a new home, and you want everything to be just right. The plumbing along with the electrical is on the top of your list. The home is old, but to you, it’s brand new. You’re not moving into a house your moving into your home, and you want everything just right before your move in. The last thing you want is a plumbing problem and trust me they can be covered up. You have an inspector, but an inspector isn’t a plumbing contractor.

Make Sure Your Sewer Line Is In Tip Top Shape

Start from the top and do a complete video sewer line inspection. A video line inspection can reveal pipe damage, leaks, or if tree root that have invaded the sewer line. Once tree roots have invaded, they’ll keep coming back until a permanent solution completed. A video inspection can give you a clear picture of the condition of your sewer line. You can also spot a sewer line leak when an isolated area of the front lawn is greener than the rest. Another indicator puddling around the home with the smell of sewage. So when you’re buying a new home especially an older new home, make sure you go the extra mile to ensure the house is in perfect running order.

Determine How Old Your Water Heater Is

Water heaters typically have a lifespan of 10- 12 years. To have a good idea of the condition of your water heater make sure you do a reasonable inspection. You can start by checking the water pressure relief valve to make sure hot water comes out the overflow pipe correctly. Check for rust around the storage tank. Put a bucket under the water spigot on your water heater, drain some of the water into the bucket this will allow you to check to see if there is sediment built up in your tank. Determine how old your water heater is by decoding the date on the label. If your water heater is old and ready to be replaced, you can use it as part of the negotiations.

Old Homes Have Old Pipes

In addition to the water heater and sewer line check your pipes. Ask your inspector or plumber to identify all types of pipes you have in your home. In some old houses, galvanized pipes were used in the construction. Galvanized pipes are old construction, and it won’t be long before your pipes need replacing.

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