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5 Ways To Avoid The DIY Plumbing Disaster

Most plumbing companies will tell you that a lot of their work comes from the do-it-yourselfer. Yes, cleaning up the mess left behind from a plumbing project that went wrong. We all want to save a few bucks, myself included, but in some cases, it’s better left to the professionals. It’s up to us to know the difference. With that said, there are plenty of plumbing issues that you’re capable of tackling without creating a plumbing disaster

Without Question, Know What You’re Capable Of Doing!

Plumbing Disaster

#1 – First and foremost, know yourself. Know what you’re capable of doing. The worst lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always duplicate someone else’s success. That’s not a negative statement – that’s a fact. Don’t try and tackle a garbage disposal if you don’t know how to clean a slow-moving drain.

#2 – Completely educate yourself about the problem or upgrade you plan on doing. For example, if you’re installing a new toilet, faucet, bathtub, take the time to read about the product and watch installation video whenever available.

#3 – Be thoroughly prepared. That means, have all the necessary tools, supplies and equipment to accomplish the task. There’s nothing worse than starting a project only to find out you don’t have all the right tools.

#4 – Don’t forget the details, plumbers putty, plumbers tape, and use the correct fittings. Avoid over tightening. This may sound odd, but experienced plumbers have a feel for tightening fittings. Hand tight is usually good.

Sorry, “Disaster” Is A Little Strong 🙂

#5 Be willing to call your plumbing company. If the project doesn’t work the way you had anticipated then make the call. The phrase, “plumbing disaster” is probably a little strong for the traditional DIY project gone wrong. But I do hope that it caught your attention. Most of the time it’s a few minor fixes and we’re on our way and the customer has very little out of pocket.  


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