passion for plumbing

A Passion For Plumbing

I have a passion for plumbing. Have you ever met someone that only works for money? You may not even know what that means. It means the only reason someone goes to work is for a paycheck.

I met a man in his mid to late 60’s not long ago at Walmart. He was working behind the counter in electronics. He had such a passion for what he was doing. I had to ask him, “What are you doing here?” He said, “I’m retired, and I love to work. I enjoy helping people. I certainly don’t need the money.” He even went on to say that Walmart had offered him a management position and he said, “No way.” Now that’s a man on a mission.  Now don’t get me wrong, Walmart is as honorable as any other company, but it just seemed like this man was very experienced, passionate and overqualified.

Plumbing Is A Great Place To Start A Career

At Big B’s Plumbing, all our plumbers have a passion for plumbing. They all have families to feed and care for. One by one if you ask them why they do what they do, they’ll tell you, “I love working with my hands, and I love helping people.” There are plenty of tradesmen that are strictly in it for the money. It’s not about what they can get, it’s about what they can give. With that said, if you put people before profit and you operate with full integrity, the rewards will always follow. Do you like working with your hands? Maybe you’re a do-it-yourselfer at heart, and you have a genuine care for people. Then becoming a passionate plumber is a great place to start.  It provides excellent opportunities, and a secure future.

Start Creating A Passion For Plumbing. Here Are The Benefits.

  1. You’ll get to work with customers one on one solving their plumbing problem.
  2. The plumbing trade is expected to grow 16% by 2026. It is one of the fastest growing industries.
  3.  A good plumber has job security. He/She will always have employment because like doctors, we’ll always need them, and their job cannot be outsourced.
  4. You will never have student loan debt. Most plumbers learn on the job or at a vocational college that’s a fraction of the cost of college.
  5. Advancement opportunities are available all the way up to your contractor’s license. The plumbing trade is a licensed, regulated trade.
  6. Once you’ve earned a contractor’s license, you can start your own company.
  7. You can expand your horizons to new construction, municipal water districts, or developing new technologies.

If you’re a man or woman that is looking for a good trade, becoming a plumber is the right place to start. Maybe you’re fresh out school or wrapping up your high school senior year, consider a rewarding career in plumbing.  

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