Are You Ready For Intelligent Toilets?

Yes, it’s true. We now have intelligent toilets and why not? Everything else has the latest technology. According to Kohler, this is next-generation technology. We all seem to take our toilets for granted. For some, it’s a pit stop but for others, it’s a time to relax. For myself, I can catch up on my latest sports team or National Geographics, without interruption. Whatever the case, our toilet is probably the most used fixture in our home.  

It’s A Bidet Only The Name Has Changed

Now most of us have heard of bidets, yet very few have ever used one. In fact, most of us can’t wrap our minds around them. They never really found a place in the U.S. regardless of many attempts. Kohler and other makers have taken the same principles as a bidet, added many more features and called it a “Cleansing Seat.” Let me make it clear this toilet seat does much more than clean. From Intelligent Toilets to Cleansing Seats, it’s all about creating a better bathroom experience. They’re designed to fit most toilets and have features that belong in a luxury hotel.  Below is the Kohler K-4709-0 C3 200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat.Kohler K-4709-0 C3 200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Remote control.
  • In-line heater gives a continuous flow of heated water.
  • Both front and rear wash modes, for unsurpassed cleansing.
  • Water temperature and water pressure can be adjusted remotely.
  • Presets store the separate control settings for two users.
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature settings.
  • LED lighting illuminates the bowl to serve as a night-light.
  • Warm-air drying system with adjustable air speed and temperature.
  • Deodorizer helps to minimize odors.
  • The quiet-close lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming.
  • Grip-Tight bumpers add stability and prevent shifting.

This particular model can cost just over $1,200. Now if you’re like me the average “Joe”, you’ll have a hard time paying for a toilet seat that costs more than the toilet. With all that in mind, you can’t help but think of the time we spend on our toilets. Is the experience worth investing in? 


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