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Part #2 Common Plumbing Problems And Solutions

common plumbing problems

This is Part Two of the common plumbing problems and solutions. We last wrote about toilets that won’t stop running, low water pressure in the shower, dripping faucets, and slow-moving drains. Because most plumbing problems are minor, homeowners can resolve most plumbing issues without calling a plumber. Unfortunately, there are those plumbing headaches, those that…

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Part #1 Common Plumbing Problems And Solutions

common plumbing problems

If you’re a homeowner then you’re going to have common plumbing problems, especially if you live in an older home. Most plumbing problems are minor and the average person can fix them. Then there are those plumbing problems that require the experience of a plumbing professional. Most homeowners don’t know that many plumbing issues can…

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10 Fun (Random) Plumbing Related Facts

Random plumbing related facts

For those of us that like fun facts, we have a few for you. Plumbers and plumbing have been at the forefront of humor for many years. Everything from the plumber’s crack to names that were derived about our toilets. When you stop and think, it’s the plumbers that have to deal with anything related…

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Choose Which Pipes Are Right For Your Home

Which Pipes Are Right For Your Home

You have had enough with your old pipes, and you have decided to repipe your home. For many homeowners repiping their home is a scary proposition. But once the project is completed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Your water pressure will feel like a new home and there will be no more…

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9 Signs That You Have A Slab Leak

slab leak

Most homeowners have a feel for what it costs to run a household. They can gauge to see if something is not right. If our water begins to escalate, it usually means something is wrong. A high water bill could be a number of things, which may include irrigation leak, but the worst-case scenario is…

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How To Find The Best Plumber

Best Plumbers

Most homeowners have run into plumbing problems, and when they do, the challenge is finding the best plumber. Let’s face it, there are more good plumbers than bad ones, but unfortunately, it’s the bad ones that will cause a homeowner to keep their guard up. Some people just work for money, but others have a…

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What Can Go Wrong With Our Toilets?

What Can Go Wrong Wit Our Toilets

Our home is our castle, and for most, it’s a sanctuary. Home is usually a safe place where we can take refuge, but like anything else, it requires maintenance if we want it to last. Most appliances in our home will last 10 to 15 years if we take care of them. For example, our…

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Why Does My Water Take So Long To Heat Up?

hot water

Like so many of us, we turn on the shower before we’re ready to step in. We know in advance that it seems to take forever for the water to heat up. We even feel a little guilty about all the water wasted. I’ve even heard of people using a 5-gallon bucket in their shower…

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What’s The Scoop On Hard Water?

Hard water

So what’s the real scoop on hard water? Water is one of the most prominent topics of the 21st century. We either don’t have enough or what we do have is a threat to our health. Hard water in itself is not a health risk. So what is “hard water?” It is the amount of…

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Flo by Moen – The Latest Plumbing Technology

flo by Moen

As technology continues to impact every part of the plumbing world, a new product has been introduced by Moen called Flo by Moen. Through years of research and development, Flo by Moen sets out to detect and stop leaks. That includes anything from a leaky toilet, shower, faucet, slab leak or a leak that’s behind…

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