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Bathtub Installation and Purchase

Bathtub Installation

Is it time to replace your old bathtub? Perhaps you’re in the middle of a bathroom makeover or remodel. For many of us, we prefer a shower over a bath. Our busy lifestyles make showers a convenient choice. Whatever the case there are a few things to keep in mind when making that bathtub purchase.…

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Tankless Water Heater, Just Installed!

Navien Tankless Water Heater

Our Plumbing technicians just installed a Navien Tankless Water Heater. As you can see by the photo, the old storage tank water heater was removed and replaced with the thankless. The job went as planned to perfection. The technician installed new copper pipes and disposed of the old water heater. Your Navien Tankless Water Heater…

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Sewer Line Problems?

Trenchless Sewer Line

I was clearing around a tree this morning in my front yard, and my neighbor came out. He began to tell me about his tree that was planted 20 years ago close to the street. Most planned communities have trees planted by the builders that cannot be removed without permission from the homeowners association (HOA)…

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Water Filtration Systems Can Save…

Enviro Water Filtration Systems

If you’re like most families drinking water has become a massive part of our daily routine. Most of us send our kids off to school with either a bottle of water or thermos with filtered water. Even those of us that have filtered water systems in our home find ourselves buying bottled water for those…

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Low Water Pressure Sucks!

Regulator - Low Water Pressure

Nothing worse than taking a shower only to have your water trickle out. Yes, we’re all a group pampered people that like a hot shower with good water pressure. The cause of low water pressure can be as simple as a shut-off valve being closed or blocked faucet due to calcium and mineral build up.…

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Time For A New Toilet

Time To Get A New Toilet

Is it time to get a new toilet. It seems like are toilets never ware out. Yes, the flush valve or fill valve may go wrong but they’re easily replaced. For the most part, our toilets seem to last forever. Toilets are considered a fixture, but for some, they’re a piece of furniture. For many…

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Hot Water Heaters, Think Before Choosing!

Let’s face it no one likes getting up in the morning to a cold shower. But rarely is anyone going to wake up one morning and say “I think its time to get a new hot water heater.” We wait until it leaks or just stops working before we fork out the money to make…

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Trenchless Sewer Line Technology

Trenchless sewer line repair

So what is a trenchless sewer line? Its where your plumbing contractor will inject a pipeliner down your pipe also known as a cured-in-place-pipe. The tube is flexible and coated with resin then pulled down to the compromised area of the pipe then inflated. The damage caused to your landscape is very little, and the…

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