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Plumbing Trends In 2019 And Beyond

Plumbing trends

When most of us think of plumbing, we rarely think about the advancements in technology, or online engagements. That’s because it’s so much a part of our lives now. For example, if you need a plumber, the consumer gets online and completes a search for a “plumber near me.” What that means is your plumbing…

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Home Buyer – Beware Of These Plumbing Issues

New Home Buyer

If you’re a home buyer, maybe even a first time home buyer and the house you’re looking at is an older home, beware of potential plumbing problems before you sign on the dotted line. If you have any specific concerns, have a list of questions ready for your home inspector. There are a couple of…

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Stunning New Plumbing Fixtures And Appliances

Most of us like to dream about the perfect bathroom or kitchen. The dreaming starts with new fixtures and appliances. In the kitchen, aside from the major appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, we want a sink and faucet that will set your kitchen apart from the rest. The farmhouse Matte White under mount…

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Plumbing Appliances and Fixtures How Long Do They Last

Plumbing Appliances - replacing old water heater

Very rarely will we replace a plumbing appliance or fixture before it finally breaks for good. We see the signs such as a water heater that shows rust, or it does not sound right. You know in your mind that the heater is old, but you keep your fingers crossed hoping to squeeze another year…

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Does My Plumber Handle Flood Damage?

Flood Damage

You get up one morning and walk downstairs to find water all over the kitchen floor and cabinets. It’s apparent that a pipe burst from above the kitchen and the water damage is significant. The big question is, does my plumber handle flood damage or do I call someone else? It would depend on a…

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Plumbing Problems In Old Vintage Homes

Old Homes Have Plumbing Problems

Older vintage homes are in demand in Southern California but make no mistake about it, old vintage homes have their fair share of plumbing problems. You can plan to fix potential problems or wait until something breaks; for example, we can replace our old water heater that shows signs of age or we can wait…

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Help! The Drain Stinks!

Does your bathroom drains stink? Well, you’re not alone. The stuff that ends up down our drains such as toothpaste, hair, dead skin hair products is all a recipe for a stinky sink. The black gunk that builds up in your sink that causes the smell is called bio-slime. It’s a bacteria that forms from…

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How To Prevent A $23,000 Water Bill

Avoid a high water bill

If you don’t stay on top of your water leaks or manage your home plumbing system well, you might get an outrageous water bill, $23,000. What? Did that really happen? Yes, this happened, Loretta Maddox of Dekalb County in Decatur Georgia received a water bill for over $23,000. Your Water Bill May Be Defective Ok,…

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Are Plumbing Repairs Covered By My Home Warranty?

Plumbing Repairs Covered By Home Warranty

Some of you who have come to this page, you want the answer and nothing else. YES, is the answer to “Are Plumbing Repairs Covered By My Home Warranty?” (That is if your home policy includes the particular service or parts and provider in the plan you chose.) But, those of you who can take…

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How To Find Your Lifetime Plumber

We're Not The Cheapest Plumber

Finding your lifetime plumber is similar to discovering that trustworthy auto mechanic you’ve had for years. You want to be confident that they are advising you of necessary services, and giving you your best options. It does take some time to find that special relationship; unfortunately, you might have to go through a few calls…

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