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Buying An Old Home? Get The Plumbing Inspected!

Have your plumbing inspected

If you’re a homeowner, can you remember how excited you were moving into your first home? You probably experienced a little stress, anxiety, and even excitement during the process. You couldn’t wait to make that old house a home. The paperwork is complete, and you finally agreed to terms. Now it’s time for the home…

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Who’s Liable For Your Lateral Sewer Line?

Lateral Sewer Line

Newer homes don’t have to worry much about your sewer line, but with older homes, our sewer line can spark some concern. It’s not uncommon for us to see a sewer line break under our roadways, and in some cases, turning into sinkholes. What that tells us is that our pipe wears out. Just the…

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The Benefits Of Trenchless Sewer Line

Trenchless Sewer Line

For some homeowners, we’ll never experience the need for a new sewer line because sewer lines usually last a long time. But there are some that are unfortunate and their sewer main will become cracked or broken. Knowing that there are far better options with less cost than replacing the old one, is a welcomed…

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Most Of Our Water Gets Flushed Down The Toilet

Our Water

Water has become one of the top issues in California and many other places around the world. It seems like we’re always looking for new ways to conserve water. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1990s that water conservation started to pick up steam. When I was a kid we would water our lawn,…

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Owning A Water Filtration System Is A No Brainer

Enviro® Whole House Water Filtration System

Drinking water is one of the significant issues of our day. Most agree the tap water isn’t suitable for drinking though there are those that will disagree. According to the State Water Resources Control Board, nearly one million people in California have unsafe drinking water and are advised not to drink tap water. Many of…

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“Going Green” With Our Plumbing

I think by now, we’ve heard it a million times, “Going green.” So just what does it mean to “Go green?” Well, here’s one definition. I think best describes “Going green” is  “to make more environmentally friendly choices such as recycle, reduce, reuse.” In years past, “Going green” meant a considerable expense though not so…

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What To Look For In A Commercial Plumbing Company

What you should look for in a commercial plumbing company. If you’re a property owner or property manager, you know as well as anyone that plumbing problems can arise day or night without any warning. And when they do, you need a commercial plumbing company that has your basis covered. A business owner or property…

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Plumbing Tips – Did You Know?

plumbing tips

There are some basics plumbing tips that everyone should know about. Whether we want to do it ourselves or call a plumber, we should have a basic understanding of our home’s plumbing system. Unlike a car that has a dashboard that tells us when something is wrong, our home will show signs when something goes…

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Why Go Tankless When Choosing A Water Heater?

tankless water heaters

Is it about that time? Is your old storage tank heater showing its age and are you considering a new tankless model? The tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand heaters. Most homeowners are starting to become more interested in building a more energy-efficient home, and a tankless water heater is a step in…

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How Often Is Water Heater Maintenance Needed?

water heater maintenance

The big question is, “How often is water heater maintenance needed” Most homeowners don’t know how important it is to maintain their water heater. Our water heaters usually sit in the corner of our garage until something goes wrong, and only then do we jump into action. Why wait until something goes wrong? Performing maintenance…

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