plumbing disaster

Avoid The Plumbing Disaster

“Avoid the plumbing disaster might be a little strong. Most homeowners won’t experience a crash, but they can suffer a plumbing setback. If you don’t have some basic rules and principles when addressing fundamental plumbing problems, things may get worse before they get better. Make a point of having an inspection completed on your plumbing system each year. You can “do it yourself” or for a little more than a service call, you can have a Big B’s Plumbing technician come in and do it for you.

Water Shut Off Valve - Avoid Plumbing DisasterWater Shut Off Valves

Know where your water shut off valves are located. If you leave your home for an extended period such as a vacation, shut your water off before you go. Having a water leak could be bad, but having one when you’re away would be a plumbing disaster. Your water shut off valve is always located on the ground floor, often in the garage. If you’re purchasing or renting a home, you should ask the property manager or seller to show you where the water shut off is located.

Gas Shut Off ValvesGas Shut Off

Know where your gas shut off valve is located. For obvious reasons we should know how to shut off the gas to our home. It would be a good idea to make an effort to practice turning it on and off if you’re not familiar with it. The turnoff valve to a home with natural gas is located just before the gas meter. During an emergency or the smell of gas, you’ll want to shut off the gas.

Your Sewer Cleanout

Every tenant and homeowner needs to know where your sewer cleanout is located. The sewer cleanout is a lateral pipe located along the main sewer line that gives yourself or your plumber access in case of a clogged sewer line.

Catch a Leak Early

Catching a wall leak fast can avoid that plumbing disaster. Keeping a keen eye out for drywall bulging or discoloration will go a long way in locating a leak. A toilet or shower that leaks upstairs can show up downstairs.

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