Bacteria Growing In Plumbing System

Do we really know what’s in our water? After reading an article about how bacteria can multiply in our plumbing system, I thought, “What next?” The study was on indoor tap water that’s been sitting in our plumbing system for days or even weeks.  Professor Wen-Tso Liu from the University of Illinois leads the team of researchers. What they discovered is that bacteria can grow in a plumbing system when water has been sitting for an extended period. For example, when we go on vacation or move into a new home water sits in our plumbing system. The article stated that although waterborne is rare, “the new model may help public health authorities assess drinking-water quality.”

Flush Your Plumbing System By Running Your Faucets When You Return From Vacation

Run Water To Clear Bacteria From Your Plumbing System

After students left for school break, water samples were collected from the UI dormitories, and the team carefully monitored. Liu said, “We performed a variety of analyses, including tests to determine the concentration of bacteria present in the before- and after-building-closure samples.” They noticed that the highest bacterial concentrations came in the first 100 milliliters, which would suggest running your faucets for a short time after returning from an extended stay.

California Is The World Leader In Recycled Water

Water is a hot topic in California and around the world. In California alone population has increased by over 20 million since 1970. California is also a leader in agriculture and to sustain the demand for water, we’ve become the world leader in recycled water. The use of non-potable recycled water has been well established in California for years. Keeping our water sources held to the highest standard is one lawmaker’s top priorities.

Water Filtration Systems Are A Good Choice

Because of all the rumors, surrounding our water and water filtration systems have become a booming business. We now have water filtration systems that can eliminate contaminants. The Enviro Filtration System uses no salt, electricity and has no water waste. It is also 99.6% effective in preventing scales. Additionally, it removes sediment and debris that seep into our water supply.

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