Bad Plumber, Good Plumber, Know The Difference

Bad Plumber, Good Plumber, Know The Difference

Bad plumber? Good plumber? How can we tell the difference? The fact is bad news travel much faster than good news. In most cases, people will share a bad experience before they share a good one. For some, it can be difficult finding a good plumber. What most people do is ask a friend or neighbor for a referral. While that may work, you’ll still want a plumber with a track record of consistency. As we are all well aware, we should no longer be in the dark ages, and that includes one’s reputation. We have Google+, Yelp, and Facebook to name a few that will give you the “411” on a plumber.

Your Plumber Must Have A Contractor’s License

Brandon Mageno Founder, CEO & President of Big B’s Plumbing

Here are some basics when hiring a plumber for your plumbing job. Number one and without question, your plumber must have a license. You can check on the status of a license by going to the Department of Consumer Affairs State License Board (CSLB), type in the license number of the plumber or plumbing company you decide to hire for your job. You’re provided with essential business information such as name, address, phone, and corporation information if incorporated. Additionally, you’re given license status, license classification, as well as insurance information which includes a bond, bond amount, and workman’s compensation information. Being a good plumber or plumbing company is only part of the equation. Make sure your plumber is adequately covered by insurance. If your plumber is sent by a plumbing company, he or she needs to be covered by workman’s compensation.

A Good Plumber Has Experience

Nothing can replace the plumbing experience, especially interacting with the customers on a daily basis. Your plumbing contractor must have years of experience under a journeyman plumber before becoming a contractor. There is much more to plumbing than replacing a sink or faucet. Successful plumbing companies provide excellent communication skills and won’t leave a customer in the dark. They will effectively and patiently communicate the plumbing problem and the cost to the customer.

Plumber Must Show Some Responsibility

A responsible plumbing company will answer their phone. Some plumbing companies offer emergency services 24/7 and answer their phone around the clock, while others let them go to voicemail. If a plumber or plumbing company cannot make arrangements to have their phone answered during working hours, then you should eliminate them from the list of plumbers to complete your job. Along with being a responsible plumber, your plumber should show up to the job with a clean uniform that represents their company. Also, they should have up-to-date tools and equipment to maximize their time so they can bring the customer the best value.

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