Major Plumbing Problems

Big 3 Major Plumbing Problems

Have you ever wondered why good things happen to bad people or vice-versa, why bad things happen to good people?  I’m sure if we took the time to sit down and try to figure out why something went wrong, we could come up with a logical answer. But some things will always remain a mystery. Let’s take for example major plumbing problems; your home seems to be hit with every possible major plumbing problem while your neighbor hasn’t experienced any plumbing setbacks. There are many factors as to why one home experiences more plumbing issues than another. For example, shifting soil foundation, usage, maintenance, and water softeners can all play into your home plumbing experience.

Tree Roots In Our Sewer Line Is 1 of 3 Major Plumbing Problems

Some major plumbing problems can be avoided if we take proper precautions. If you moved into a new home and you’re responsible for the landscaping, know where your sewer lines are and avoid planting trees near them. You may want to buy trees that have a noninvasive root system such as crabapple, cornelian cherry dogwood, and many of the maple trees have small root systems. If a tree root finds the slightest opening in your sewer line, it will eventually invade the line completely. The nutrients in your sewer line cause the roots to expand and multiply.

In some cases, you can solve the problem by hydro jetting the lines. Hydro jetting will break through any roots clearing the pipes. Once the lines are clear, using a root killer can keep the roots from returning for some time. There are some cases where the sewer line will need replacing. The best and most affordable option would be a trenchless epoxy coated sewer line. Most cracked or broken sewer line must qualify for the procedure, but there are some rare cases where the line needs replacing.

Corroded Pipes Is A Major Plumbing SetbackTrenchless Sewer Line

For many of us, you may have already figured out that plumbing pipes don’t last forever. Up until the 1950’s galvanized pipes, there were Big 3 Major Plumbing Problems used in new home building and continued into the 1960’s.  Copper pipes replaced galvanized pipes in the early 1950’s. It wasn’t until 2016 that most major California cities have banned galvanized pipes for residential and commercial construction. But regardless of what’s being said, galvanized pipes are still considered safe for transporting water. Some potential health risks still need to be considered such as a corrosive water supply which is due to acidic conditions caused by low PH in the water.

Galvanized pipes have a 50-year lifespan, and most older homes have outlived their current plumbing system. While yes, repiping your house is a major undertaking; it is a common occurrence for any plumbing company. At Big B’s Plumbing, we specialize in repiping homes, and for those that are caught off guard financially, we have special financing with same day approval.

A Broken Pipe Can Cause Severe Damage

A broken pipe can spell disaster. There are many reasons why a pipe can break or leak. To name a few are corrosion, water pressure, and shifting in the foundation which can all lead to a water leak. A homeowner can cause a water leak by driving a screw or nail in the wall, not realizing a water line is right behind the drywall or plaster. A shabby job completed on the original installation could lead to a water leak. Whatever the case, finding and addressing the problem will swiftly avoid collateral damage.

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