October 2021

Gas Line Installation

Ask Your Gas Line Installation and repair Expert

A word of advice from your licensed gas line installation expert. Don’t attempt installing any gas lines in your home, whether you’re a good do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or not, that includes both propane or natural gas lines. Leave those installations up to your licensed plumbing contractor. And we’re not talking about the small flexible gas line

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Don't Criticize Your Plumber

The Truth About Plumbers

We’ve heard the jokes and stories about plumbers. Someone will have a bad experience with a plumber and pass that experience on to a friend or neighbor. Before you know it, the story went viral, and every plumber is a suspect. While we can’t vouch for every plumber, we can say that the vast majority

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Your Plumber For Life

“Your Plumber For Life” – Big B’s Plumbing

Make Big B’s Plumbing your “Plumber for Life.” Not long ago, we had long-lasting relationships with our dentists, doctor, auto mechanic, and even tradespeople. I remember our dentist was Dr. Fleming, and our plumber was John Sutherland. If anything went wrong with our plumbing, my mom would say, “Call John.” She didn’t say, “Call a

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