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9 Devices That Will Help To Avoid The Plumbing Disaster

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If something can go wrong, it usually does. That’s not being negative; it’s a fact. Remember, when it comes to our plumbing, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Let’s face it, our plumbing system is unpredictable. Some homeowners could go a lifetime without a plumbing disaster. Then out of the blue, you have pipe bursts, a sewer line backed up, or the water heater takes a turn for the worst. That’s just how our plumbing system work. Although the problem usually happens in much older homes, however, newer models are not exempt from problems. 

Every Family Member Should know How To Turn The Water Off

No one ever wants to come home from vacation to find that a pipe sprung a leak and caused significant damage to your home. So how do you avoid a plumbing disaster? First, turn off the main water valve in your home. The water valve is usually located in the garage or outside the home.

Sometimes, your valve may be buried and surrounded by a green irrigation box in your yard. Once the valve is off, run the faucet until any last bit of water is drained, and lastly, flush all your toilets. Doing these minor things will help prevent water damage while you’re away from home.

We Live With The Greatest In Plumbing Technologies

Another thing to remember is that we live in a time when technology is off the planet, which is true for your plumbing system. We now have devices that connect to the incoming water supply that will warn you through your smartphone app that you have a water leak in your home. In addition, some devices will allow you to turn off your water supply right from your app. Some devices are very affordable, while others require a plumbing technician for installation. 

#1 Water Leak And Freeze Detector by Honeywell 

The Honeywell Water Leak & Freeze Detector is the first item on this list and is likely the best. It has a wonderful companion app, and accurate humidity and temperature readings are simple to install. It also comes with a corded sensor attachment that extends the detecting range by up to 50 meters. In addition, it runs through WiFi and does not require a hub, making setup simple.

The product ranks on the top of most lists because it is easy to set up with accurate temperature and humidity readings, a nice companion app, and a corded sensor attachment that extends the detecting range by up to 50 meters. In addition, WiFi connectivity and the lack of a hub make setup simple.

#2 D-Link DCH-S161 Water Sensor

This water sensor from D-Link costs about $50 and will notify you if your washing machine, water heater, or sink leaks. It will also activate other smart devices to stop various types of damage. 

#3 The Govee Water Sensor with WIFI

This smart product comes with three sensor pack and is among the greatest home investments for the price, with over 3,000 5-star ratings on Amazon. It is fully wireless; all you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet to access the internet. You can cover all of your bases because the gateway supports up to 10 sensors.

#4 Moen’s Flo Smart With A Smart Water Shutoff 

This smart meter will monitor your water usage throughout the home, test your plumbing system for leaks, and prevents water damage with an auto-shutoff feature. In addition, the product is competitively priced. 

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#5 The Flume 2 Smart Water Monitor For Your Home

Yet another intelligent water leak detection monitor worth taking into account. Depending on water flow and pressure, the Flume 2 attaches to the water line and establishes a WiFi bridge connection to alert you of a water leak.

This gadget can also analyze your water usage. If you subscribe to Flume Insight, you can obtain more detailed information on certain appliances and faucets, enabling you to set a water budget.

#6 Peril Protect

Another smart leak detector uses cellular technology and a contact center to alert you to any leakage. Your sensors are quite sensitive, and installation is not too difficult. However, it calls for a monthly membership and does not communicate with other smart gadgets.

#7 Orbital B-Hyve

This smart sensor will notify you if there is a leak or the pipes may freeze. Unfortunately, unlike Peril Protect, it is incompatible with third-party smart devices.

#8 Kangaroo Water and Climate Sensor 

This product has a WiFi-enabled smart sensor that does double duty as a temperature and humidity monitor and detects and alerts you to water leaks.

#9 Phyn Smart Water Sensor 

Like most of the devices on our list, the Phyn Sensor may be installed anywhere in your home and will notify you when a leak arises as well as when your humidity and temperature restrictions have been exceeded.

Avoid A Plumbing Disaster – Trust Your Plumbing Contractor

Everyone wants to save a buck, but there are those times when we spend a dollar to save a dime. With so many videos and do-it-yourself online instructions, many people want to dive in and try their hand at plumbing repairs. So how do you avoid a plumbing disaster? First, know your boundaries, and ask yourself: “How long will the problem take to fix?” “What will it cost for me to do the project versus a plumbing contractor?” “Does the project involve safety issues?” 

For example, there’s a vast difference between trying to unclog a drain and installing a water heater or gas line. On the other hand, there are those small plumbing projects that you may want to engage in, such as a clogged drain or maybe replacing a toilet. But if you want to avoid a plumbing disaster, trust your contractor for any significant plumbing issues.

Make A Monthly Plumbing Checklist And Avoid Any Plumbing Issues

Make a plumbing checklist, and each month complete a quick ten-minute inspection of your plumbing. First on the list is a quick inspection of underneath your sinks. Our sinks tend to leak; even the slightest leak can cause severe damage if left unchecked. When you make your inspection, inspect for mold and rust as well, which are indications of moisture. Inspect your downstairs ceiling for brownish-colored stains; this is a clue that you may have a water leak from upstairs. Next, run a quick water pressure to test if your water pressure is too high; it could put stress on your appliances. Over 85 pounds per inch (PSI) of force is not suitable for your pipes; 45 to 55 PSI is the perfect water pressure for your home. Avoid a plumbing disaster call Big B’s plumbing License #986152 Big B’s Plumbing

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