Enviro Whole House Water filtration system

A Water Filtration System Is Worth Every Penny

No one was exempt from the latest pandemic Covid-19. I think most would agree that we’ve never been part of anything like it. Cleaning products and canned food were flying off grocery store shelves, not to mention toilet paper and bottled water. For those with home water filtration systems, they had nothing to worry about regarding bottled water because all their water was as good or better than the water purchased in the store. It came right from their tap. Quite honestly, a pandemic isn’t the best reason for a whole home water filtration system. The best reason is that it provides excellent, healthy water for the entire family from the tap every day.

You’ll Never Have To Lift Another Water Bottle

A water filtration system will filter up to 99.6% of all chlorine and other contaminants that cause bad taste and odors. Using a water filtration system ensures excellent tasting water from every tap in the house. You’ll never have to lug around heavy back-breaking water bottles. For those that stand out in front of your local supermarket filling 5-gallon water bottles of water, you know precisely what I mean. You’ll never have to lift another water bottle.

Replace your 5-gallon water bottles with a water filtration system

You’ll Have Better Tasting Food

Better tasting food is another reason for a water filtration system. Most homeowners don’t know this but there have been studies conducted that cleaner water used in cooking has resulted in more robust flavors and better-tasting food. Similarly, for you coffee connoisseurs, you know how much better your coffee tastes when brewed with great tasting water.

A Water Filtration System Is Excellent for Skin And Hair

Anyone with a whole house water filtration system will tell you firsthand that their hair and skin feel fantastic. Why else do health spas use filtered water for their clients? The reason is that the minerals, bacteria, and heavy metals in the water are filtered out, leaving their client’s hair, and skin refreshed.

Showerheads And Faucets Stay Calcium And Mineral Free

If you live in California, you’re familiar with hard water. Most of us without a whole house water filtration system live with hard water without a second thought. Those that have the systems will tell you first hand that their shower doors and countertops are much easier to keep clean. Showerheads and faucets are free of calcium and minerals that generally build upon them. It will also extend the life of appliances, and that includes your water heater. Fewer chemicals and minerals will give your clothes a brighter look, and they’ll last longer as well.


  • Excellent, odor-free tasting water
  • No lugging around heavy water bottles
  • Better tasting food
  • Better tasting coffee
  • Good for hair and nails
  • Keeps counters and shower doors clean
  • Keeps calcium and minerals from building up on faucets and showerheads
  • Will not run out of drinking water during a crisis
  • Appliances will last longer including your water heater
  • Better for the environment, no more plastic bottles

Don’t put it off any longer. Get a house water filtration system and start enjoying the pleasures of excellent water. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have the whole house water filtration system that’s right for you. For those that prefer financing, we have one year, same as cash or 6.99% on a five-year loan.

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