Tokyo Bathroom Rush At World Cup Water Usage Jumped 50%

For those who follow the world cup, it can be exciting. In Tokyo, Japan’s capital, the country made history by beating the heavily favored Colombia. No Asian country had ever defeated a South American nation in World Cup history. But like they say there’s a first time for everything.  Japan did get some help from Colombia when Moreno blocked a shot with his hand; the referee promptly gave him a red card, and he left the game. Japan’s Kagawa took the penalty kick, and in a gutsy move, he struck it right down the middle. Japan went crazy as they took a 1-0 lead.

No One Wanted To Miss A Minute

None of the fans left their seats not even to use the bathroom. The game was so suspenseful no one wanted to miss a minute of action. Not even those at home listening to the broadcast. But once halftime hit millions went to relieve themselves at once, Japan Times said water usage jumped 24% in the city.  An official of the Times reported, “We presume it’s because a lot of people holding off on a trip to the bathroom all went at once.”

Water Bureau Thought Ahead

The waterworks bureau anticipated the bathroom run and adjusted the water pressure and supply accordingly. Who would have ever thought that there are those behind the scenes making adjustments for a major bathroom run during a World Cup soccer game?

Japan Sets Two Records

Right before halftime, Colombia tied Japan 1-1 from a goal by Quintero the ball barely made it under Japan’s goalkeeper’s arm. But in the second half, Japan kept the pressure on, and Osako beats three defenders and scores what would become the winning goal. Japan became the first Asian nation to beat a South American team.
Once again at the end of the game, the country went to relieve themselves all at once again water usage jumped yet again. Only this time it was 50% setting a new record for a “spike in water usage.” Japan set two records in one day.

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