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Buying A New Bathtub? Cover All Your Bases!

Buying a new bathtub, then cover all your bases. How times have changed! Years ago taking a hot bath was the way to go. Back when nothing soothed the body more than a hot bath. Not so anymore, maybe it’s because of our busy lifestyles. Some people seem to think they’re unsanitary, while others can’t wait to find the time to relax in a hot bath. There are plenty of bathtubs to choose from. You can purchase a walk-in tub, jacuzzi, whirlpool, air bubbles, or the no-frills soaking fiberglass tub. Bathtubs are designed for the corner of a bathroom to save space, while others get designed to drop down into a prebuilt deck. There are also those porcelain bathtubs that are meant to stand independently. Consider all your choices before diving in – no pun intended. 

Budget And Plan For Your New Bathtub

The first thing you’ll want to do is have a budget. Bathtubs start at about $200 and run into the thousands. Space is critical. You’ll want to capture the length, width, height, soaking depth, basin length, and basin width. If you’re remodeling, you may have some flexibility and will be able to make adjustments. The most common alcove is 60 “x 32”. Here’s where you can make a big mistake if not careful. Your water heater holds 40 gallons, but your stand-alone bathtub holds 70 gallons. Your water heater storage tank needs to match the amount of water your tub will hold, or else you’ll be taking a lukewarm bath. 

Would You Prefer A Soaker Tub, Whirlpool, or Air Tub?

The soaker tub offers exactly what its name implies: it offers you a peaceful environment in which to soak. Soaking tubs are often deep and curved to provide a relaxing bathing experience. However, many soaking bathtubs don’t have jets, but some contain air or whirlpool components to enhance the bathing experience.

New bathtub installation

A whirlpool bathtub uses jets to powerfully expel air and water, providing a deep-massaging therapeutic experience for the user. Its high-pressure massaging power is intended to energize the body and relieve fatigue. Whirlpool jets require minor maintenance regularly in order to eliminate bacteria buildup. In addition, several types of whirlpool tubs get equipped with an automatic cleaning feature.

Air Tub – Rather than providing an intensive deep-tissue massage sensation as whirlpool tubs do, an air tub turns a bath into a pleasant buoyant, soothing experience by utilizing millions of hot air bubbles to transform a bath. As a result, they require much less maintenance and cleaning than whirlpools. However, it’s recommended that users run the jets after the tub is entirely empty (or run the drying cycle) to ensure that they’re thoroughly dry before using the bathtub again.

The walk-in bathtubs are now a favorite item. Initially designed for the elderly, they have become a favorite for so many. They are complete with air jets that provide an invigorating massage along with a heater that never lets your water go cold. They fit into the average bathroom without doing any buildouts. On average, they hold about 55 to 60 gallons of water compared to the average shower, which consumes 17.2 gallons of water. 

walk in tubs

Do Bathtubs Add More Value To A Home?

It is a big risk to replace a bathtub with a shower, especially in the home’s only bathroom. However, going to a “shower only” in a second or third bathroom seems fine. Nevertheless, potential purchasers may get turned off by eliminating a bathtub in the home’s lone complete bathroom. Many parent’s preferences is to bathe their children in a bathtub instead of a shower. Additionally, many purchasers prefer to soaking in a bathtub. Although, according to the National Association of Realtors, a home should contain at least one bathtub, converting from a bathtub to a shower should not negatively influence the home’s selling price.

What Buyers Are Looking For

The National Association of Home Builders conducted a study to evaluate what home purchasers desire most. They found that 51% said that they wanted a master bath with only an enclosed walk-in shower.  Additionally, 81%  of those that responded indicated that they desired a full bath on the main floor of their residence, with 45% of them considering a full bath on the main floor to be necessary or a must-have in their new home. Regents Renovation, an Atlanta, Georgia-based remodeling company says, “the days of the enormous whirlpool bathtubs are drawing to a close, regardless of where the bathroom gets located.” The renovation company is now refurbishing more of their clients’ bathrooms to include appealing showers in the designs. As a result, showers in the style of a spa are becoming extremely popular.

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