Plumber's Snake

DIY With A Plumber’s Snake

Big B’s Plumbing When the household plunger cannot do the trick, then a snake is brought in to tackle the clog. Much more power than drain cleaners or a plunger, but they do have risks attached if you don’t know how to use them properly. For example, you might damage a pipe, or create a leak. A plumber’s snake is a great tool and when used correctly, can save you a few bucks by removing the clog yourself. Here’s the process of using a snake.

Plumber's snake

Save Yourself A Few Bucks And DIY

The plumber’s auger comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the size of the drain will determine the size of the snake. If you’re renting a snake at the rental yard, be sure to give them the details so they can give you the correct sized snake for your application. In most cases, A 50-foot snake is what you’ll need to handle the do-it-yourself clogs around the house. It comes complete with a corkscrew-type bit attached to a flexible metal cable. It will be hand-operated with a rotatable handle.

Wear Gloves And Cover Yourself Correctly When You Unclog Your Drain

Assuming the obstruction is in a toilet drain then you’ll need to first, prepare the area around the toilet. Old towels work great. It’s a messy job so make sure you wear gloves and cover yourself correctly. Gently place the end of the snake down the bowl of the toilet, applying minor pressure. The bit at the end of the snake will start breaking up the clog once it makes contact with the obstruction. Continue to turn the handle on your auger while applying natural pressure.

Plumber’s Snake

Let The Plumber’s Snake Do The Work, Apply Easy Pressure

Using too much pressure will cause the obstacle to move further down the drain. The purpose of the snake is to break up the clog. You can also pull your cable out to remove anything that’s gathered at the end, clear off anything that’s attached and reenter the snake — always turn the crank handle clockwise when in contact with the object until the drains cleared. You can apply the same principles to any clogged drains, but in some cases, a smaller drain pipe will require the appropriately sized snake. Need a plumber call Big B’s Plumbing today license #986152

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