Don’t Flush Toilet Paper Substitutes

Without question, the coronavirus (Covid-19) is in full force. Much of our store shelves are empty. Lines for Costco wrap around the stores. Some banks are only allowing $500 cash withdrawals a day with limited lobby hours. The problem is, we’ve never experienced anything like this, at least in our lifetime. I started to make judgments about some of those people but had to restrain. People are in fear and have grave concerns for their families and their futures. As much as I don’t like it, if people want to stock their shelves with food then go for it. I think the grocery stores have made some significant adjustments giving elderly priority entry in stores and putting restrictions on how many items a person can buy. There is one item that is undeniably in demand—- toilet paper. People have stripped our shelves of toilet paper, even Costco had been out of toilet paper for two days, and it’s still on backorder.

The Covid-19 Virus Is Creating Severe Consequences

People have resulted in flushing paper towels, napkins, and other paper products down their drain. Flushing these products down your drain is not only bad for your sewer line, but also bad for the mainline that leads to our treatment plants. In the UK, paper products are overwhelming their sewer system. The run-on toilet paper, due to the fears of the Covid-19 virus, is creating severe consequences. Some people have made a run on toilet paper during this crisis, leaving grocery store shelves empty. Some have even gone online trying to make a massive profit on the paper by reselling it for enormous markups.

Don’t Flush Paper Towels, Baby Wipes Down Your Toilet

In the UK, their largest wastewater service has warned consumers not to flush fatbergs down the toilet. A fatberg is a coagulated mass caused by non-biodegradable solid matter, such as grease, cooking fat, paper towels and wet wipes that get flushed down the toilet in place of toilet paper. If consumers start to use paper towels, baby wipes, or other paper products in place of toilet paper, it could wreak havoc on or drains, sewer lines as well as our city’s mainline.

Toilet Paper Substitute, Paper Towels

One Solution Is To Purchase A Bidet

What’s the solution? The first thing you need to understand is that toilet paper is horrible for the environment anyway. According to National Geographic, approximately 270,000 trees worldwide are either dumped in landfills or flushed down our toilets every day. One solution is to purchase a bidet. Unlike Europe and other parts of the world, bidets have never become part of our culture in the U.S. This setback with Covid-19 has made us rethink things, especially those of us who have run out of toilet paper.

A bidet will:

Provide better personal hygiene
Save you money and reduce household waste
It has a positive effect on the environment.
It will reduce future plumbing problems and prevent clogs.


But most of all, it puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to what we are experiencing now with Covid-19. You’ll never have to worry about running out of toilet paper.

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