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How Do We Achieve Healthy Plumbing

How do we achieve healthy plumbing long term? For most homeowners, they never have a second thought about their plumbing. We have high expectations for our plumbing. It isn’t until something fails, for instance, a water heater decides to stop producing hot water, or a sewer line is backing up, that our plumbing gets our attention. Unlike a car that gets regular maintenance, our plumbing just keeps on giving without ever getting any care. The fact is, you’ll find nothing sexy about our plumbing unless you’re a plumber. Unlike our cars where owners might talk about its look and performance, our plumbing rarely gets talked about. Most homeowners don’t know about the latest plumbing technologies such as smart pipes,  showerheads, faucets, and water heaters which have seen significant advancements.

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Knowledge Is Power

We’ve all heard the quote by Francis Bacon that says, “Knowledge Is Power.”  How can we extend the life of the plumbing in our home? First, you must give plumbing more than a second thought. While you don’t drive it every day like a car, you are using your plumbing daily. The fact is, your pipes, water heater, faucets, showerheads, pressure regulators, toilets, and spigots will not last forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace your plumbing on your terms? Simply put, wouldn’t you like to replace your water heater before it causes an inconvenience to you and your family?

How Do You Have Healthy Plumbing Long Term?

There are generally five things that will cause our plumbing to go wrong: poor water quality, lack of maintenance, trees, putting the wrong things down your drain, and a natural disaster. The only thing you cannot control is a natural disaster. Planting trees within a safe distance from your sewer line is wise. The slightest fracture in a sewer line can cause roots to penetrate the sewer line and multiply by living off the raw sewage. If you’re putting the wrong things down your drain, it’s a recipe for disaster. Never put coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, fat, and oils, cotton balls, paper towels, condoms, or feminine hygiene products down your drain. The poor water quality in California can cause significant damage to your pipes over time. In some cases, the mineral deposit will build up and restrict your water pressure.

Eliminate Energy-Guzzling Appliances

Poor water quality can also cause your water heater to have a shortened life expectancy. The best solution is a whole house water purifier or a reverse osmosis system. It will not only eliminate calcium and mineral build-up in your pipes, but it will also give a family safe drinking water without the headache of lugging around bottled water. Healthy plumbing includes conserving water whenever we can. Water heaters that were purchased ten years ago use 20 to 30% more energy. So like I said before, think about replacing fixtures and appliances on your terms before they break down, especially if they’re energy-guzzling appliances. If it’s not in the budget, Big B’s Plumbing has 12 months the same as cash financing or five years at 6.99%. License #986152


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