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Are you aware that the leftover food you throw away ends up in our landfills, where it slowly decomposes into greenhouse gas? Our garbage disposal addresses this issue.

Garbage Disposal Are Environmentally Friendly

They serve two purposes at once,  balancing convenience and conservation. Our garbage disposal uses impellers to grind up spoiled or leftover food. For example, all the vegetables that kids don’t like will now get ground up in our disposal and out our sewer main, and into a wastewater treatment facility (unless you have a septic system). Even more environmentally beneficial than composting is processing our food waste at wastewater treatment facilities. Additionally, garbage disposals instantly remove waste and smell that could attract animals from coming to your property.

Food Waste That Enters Our Landfills Will Turn Into Methane Gas

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asserts that solid waste dumps emit dangerous gases, mostly made up of methane, a strong greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and plays a significant role in climate change. These harmful gases are approximately 50% carbon dioxide and 50% methane. In 2019 municipal solid trash waste generated methane emissions that were nearly as high as the annual greenhouse gas emissions of over 21.6 million transport vehicles.

Your Garbage Disposal can help our landfills

 Farms Receive Fertilizer Made From Residual Solids

Garbage disposals effectively remove waste and send it for processing in an ecologically acceptable manner. The process of anaerobic digestion is used by several large wastewater treatment facilities in the U.S. This way of treating food waste will convert the gas produced by food waste to biofuel. In addition, farms receive fertilizer made from residual solids. So here is your assignment,  learn how your municipal sewage treatment facility handles the city’s wastewater, especially if you’re considering installing or updating a new disposal but are apprehensive about the environmental effect.  

More Than Half The Homes In The US, Have A Garbage Disposal

Just over half the homes in the U.S. live in houses with a garbage disposal. Of those homes, more than 60% indicated that their disposal was already installed before they moved in. According to a survey taken from one thousand adults by consumer reports (CR) in February 2020.  The average lifespan of these appliances is 10- 12 years, so if yours was a part of the package when you moved in, it could soon be time to search for a replacement, based on how long you’ve been there.

Understand The Signs That Your Disposal Is Ready For Replacement

When you notice that your disposal is leaking, grinding takes longer than normal, is louder than normal, or needs resetting frequently, it may be beyond repair. However, resetting the disposal because it constantly jams means that the motor is not providing the necessary power to grind the food, and it may be time to replace it. In some cases, the little red button on the bottom of your disposal is there for you to reset it if it jams.  Before calling your plumber, there are a few steps to take. First, make sure the circuit breaker is on and not tripped. Second, press the reset button on the bottom of your disposal. 

Whether you’re seeking to repair or replace the one you already have, we’ll go over everything you’ll need to learn about purchasing a garbage disposal in this article. Then, depending on your scenario and unique demands, we can help you make the right decision and streamline the procedure.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Ready To Be Replaced

CR Tests Garbage Disposals In Their Own Labs

Garbage disposals get put through a series of tests by Consumer Reports, and CR provides consumers with what they need to make an educated decision. For example, they grind chunks of beef rib bones for one minute under cold running water as part of their speed test, after which we gauge how much food is still in the disposal. But, of course, the more time it takes to grind, the lower the score, in addition to how much food is still present. 

How Some Testing Is Done

They throw a mixture of raw vegetables and bones into each garbage disposal model to test how the disposal performs. Then they pass the resulting pieces through four different sieves to determine the degree of fineness. Food particles produced by a garbage disposal that receives an excellent grade are so small that they can pass through most sieves. However, larger parts left behind will increase the likelihood that the kitchen sink may clog, lowering the model’s score in this test.

We gauge how much noise the disposals produce while they ground a combination of bones and veggies. Models that have more insulation are heavier and tend to be quieter versions in general. 

Are Your Pipes Capable

You may not have considered whether my pipes are capable of the job. Newer homes with slick drainpipes might not have a problem with food waste.  However, you may encounter issues; if your drainpipes are made of sturdy old cast iron, your likelihood of a blockage increases significantly. During the mid-1970s, polyvinyl vinyl chloride (PVC) became the go-to pipe for residential wastewater pipes.

Is Ground Up Food OK For My Septic Tank?

Another common question is, “Is my septic tank ok for food waste?”  Although some plumbers argue that ground-up food waste from your garbage disposal is not good for your septic system. Nonetheless, disposal manufacturers maintain that their devices are. The age, size, and model could have an impact on which side is right or wrong. You may need to increase the capacity of your tank to hold food waste, or you’ll need to pump it more frequently, once every two years as opposed to the suggested three to five-year intervals, or use your garbage disposal less. Consult your neighborhood’s septic system inspector before installing disposal if you have a septic system.

Make Sure It Fits Before You Make The Purchase

Is space available under the sink? First, inspect the area under your sink to ensure you have the available space. The appliance fastens directly to the underside of the drain port of your sink. Garbage disposals come in a variety of sizes; the ones CR evaluated ranged in height from 10 to 15 inches, width from 5 to 9, and depth from 6 to 13 inches. I

Choosing Your Ideal Garbage Disposal

Your budget, the size of your family, and the amount of food your family needs to grind regularly will all affect which model is ideal for you. The price range of your garbage disposal will range between $90 to $500. Disposals with smaller guarantees are typically the less costly versions. However, there are premium features that will cause the cost to move upward, such as a longer warranty, sound insulation, and stronger stainless steel components. In addition, there are numerous grind stages and auto-reversing that you can purchase in higher-priced disposals, but overall they are affordable appliances compared to other appliances. Other features will have the cost move upward as well, so do your homework and make a purchase without regrets. 

How Much Power Does My Garbage Disposal Need?

Horsepower is the most important factor when purchasing a garbage disposal. The majority of garbage disposal motors range from .1/3 hp to 1 1/2 hp, while there are other power ratings available. As your horsepower increases, you’ll often receive a more effective grinder and greater sound insulation—but you’ll also spend more. CR rating charts also include amps or how much electricity the disposal uses. Before purchasing, make sure that the circuit breaker can take the load. When there is a chance that water will come in touch with plugged-in equipment, use a particular ground fault interrupter (GFI or GFCI) circuit breaker to prevent electrocution.

A 1/3-hp entry-level garbage disposal may not even withstand regular or severe use. But, as a vacation house, it’s a good choice. For the average home, garbage disposals of 1/2 hp or 3/4 hp should be sufficient, although an everyday disposal user who has to grind harder waste, such as bones, may wish to choose a 1-hp model.

Below are some garbage disposal features you’ll need to think about 

Power cord: Unless you want to hardwire your disposal or reuse the power cord from the previous disposal, you’ll need to purchase a power cord (around $15) for certain waste disposals because they don’t come with one.

Anti-jamming feature: Some more expensive disposals have an auto-reverse option that detects jams and switches the grinding table back and forth to help free stuck food and avoid jams.

Steel parts: Disposals with grinding chambers and stainless steel parts avoid corrosion and frequently last longer.

Simple installation: Easy installation is made possible by the quick-mount or EZ-mount feature, which uses a turn-and-lock technique to fasten the disposal to the sink.

Multiple grinding stages: While premium versions can feature up to three distinct grinding stages, basic models only have one, making it difficult to grind tough things like corn cobs and bones.

Quiet operation: Some garbage disposals have sound-dampening components such as insulation surrounding the disposal, nylon-coated grinding gear, insulated mounting baffles, sound baffles at the sink entrance, and flexible mounting connections to lessen excessive vibration. The manufacturer does not disclose the decibel level of a disposal, but CR tests and assesses the noise in their lab.

Warranty: Think twice before paying extra for a longer warranty because garbage disposals typically last 11 years, which is longer than most warranties. Exclusive to Home Depot is the brand Everbilt. Each model includes a power cord and mounting hardware. Depending on the model’s horsepower, warranties can last anywhere from three to ten years. (One particular model includes a lifetime warranty.)

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