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Are you experiencing low water pressure issues?   Does it take forever for your bathtub to fill? Is the water slowly coming out of your faucets and showerhead? What would we do without good water pressure? Most of us understand that good water pressure is part of a comfortable lifestyle. However, in some instances, the low pressure could be due to construction projects in the area.

Before the water reaches your property, it is pressurized. This pressure enables water to move freely throughout the plumbing system. If you are getting your water from a nearby source, the nearest water tower is where the pressure is applied. Are some people using a private source of water? In this instance, an appropriate pressure tank gets used to pressurize the water. This tank’s function is to increase water pressure to flow through the plumbing systems.

Your Low Water Pressure Might Be Part Of A Bigger Issue

As a result of low water pressure, your home could experience a variety of plumbing issues. Therefore, never overlook weak pressure. The following will explain the origins of low pressure in your home and solutions to repair them. The average homeowner can repair some of the issues themselves, but probably not all of them. For example, you’ll need a professional to replace the water pressure regulator. However, in most circumstances, the regulator is the principal cause of lower pressure. 

Common Plumbing Problems Low Water Pressure

A Broken Pressure Regulator Has A Lingering Effect On Your Home’s Water Pressure

The most considerable impact on a fixture in your house might be the cause of a broken or malfunctioning pressure regulator. A broken regulator may cause the water pressure to drop too low, causing a poor experience in everything from washing dishes to showering. It’s crucial to ensure that your house’s water pressure is at the proper level once your regulator is installed. If it’s too high, it can put significant pressure on your plumbing system, which could lead to pipe leaks. The high pressure could even cause damage to your appliances. Your regulator should get set to 40-60 pounds per inch (psi). Therefore, call your plumbing professional if you discover a damaged or broken pressure regulator in your house. You should replace the regulator between 8-12 years. 

Water Leaks Are The Main Cause Of Low Pressure

Is there a leak? Did you know that water leaks can have an impact on your water pressure? You could have a pipe leak somewhere on your property if you observe a sudden drop in pressure. If possible, run an inspection of your exposed plumbing system before calling your plumber. You can quickly identify the problem in most cases, but contact plumbing experts if you’re having trouble. They can also help you detect subsurface leaks that aren’t readily apparent. They will assist in resolving this situation and fixing it so that the pressure level returns to normal.

Low Water Pressure From A Water Leak

Hard Water Will Cause A Pipe To Constrict

Another frequent reason that might lower the water pressure is clogged pipes. Hard water can build up in your pipes, causing them to restrict. Additionally, if you’re using multiple faucets at once that can also cause low pressure. Does your property have a variety of water outlets? You can lower the pressure by using many showers and facets simultaneously. The water pressure will decrease if you utilize several water outlets at once. Anyone may handle this issue alone by limiting themselves to one or two water outlets at once.

The main purpose of shut-off valves is to regulate the water flow into your home. If your property has a partially closed shut-off valve, you’ll experience weak pressure. That includes the valve at the water meter and the shut-off valve to the home. If not, it can diminish the water pressure and slow the water flow process. If you experience this problem, open the valve to full capacity. 

Your Pipes Will Wear Out

Do you know how old your plumbing system is? The plumbing system will corrode as it gets older, especially if you’re in an area like California where hard water is prominent. Regrettably, most homeowners think their pipes will last forever. Your copper pipes have a 40-50 year life expectancy. However, some pipes will exceed that number, most notably those plumbing systems are equipped with whole house water treatment systems. If you notice that your pipes have started leaking in diverse places, have them checked by your plumbing expert. 

Old plumbing causes Low Water Pressure

The Solution: All solutions start with troubleshooting. Use the process of elimination. Your technician will start with what is quick, easy, and cost the least. Next, they’ll check for leaks in your plumbing system with little effort. After that, they can inspect in and around your home for signs of a pipe leak. Lastly, they’ll check your water pressure in certain areas of the home and finally check your regulator. 

  1. Contact Your Neighbors: First, you should start by contacting your neighbors. You are not alone if they are dealing with a similar issue. In this case, you could contribute your poor pressure to construction in the area, or your water company might have its own water pressure issues.  Call the company or check their website.
  2. Check For Leaks: Slab Leaks are notorious for causing low water pressure. Unlike most leaks, they may take longer to detect. Slab leaks can leak for days, weeks, or even months without notice. 
  3. Clear The Blockages: Minerals build up and constrict the water flow in your pipe over time. If you leave it unattended, the water flow will worsen, leaving you with a poor experience washing dishes, showering, and washing your car. 
  4. Open Your Main Water Valve: The main water valve must be fully opened at your home’s shut-off valve and the water meter on the street. A fully opened valve might solve your low water pressure quickly. 
  5. Replace The Regulator: After you have checked all the boxes and the lower pressure is still low, then it might be time for your plumbing professional to replace your regulator, especially if it’s old. 

Final Reflections: If you live in Temecula, Murrieta, San Diego, or the Inland Empire and your home is experiencing lower pressure, call for an expert at Big B’s Plumbing. Remember, low pressure could signify a bigger problem in your plumbing system, so have it checked today.

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