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Most Of Our Water Gets Flushed Down The Toilet

Water has become one of the top issues in California and many other places around the world. It seems like we’re always looking for new ways to conserve water. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1990s that water conservation started to pick up steam. When I was a kid we would water our lawn, wash our cars, and took long showers and there was never a problem. If you’re a baby boomer, you didn’t think much about conserving water, so what happened? People! Lots of people either expanded their families or moved into California. And I’m sure that holds true for Planet Earth in general.  

3 Billion 200 Million Gallons Of Water Per Day

From 1970 through 2018, California grew by 101.3%. During that time California has increased by 20 million in population, yes, that’s 20 million! In a nutshell, the average person uses 80 to 100 gallons of water per day. Take 40 million times 80 gallons, that’s 3 billion 200 million gallons of water per day for Californian’s personal use, and that’s on the low side. Get this – most of that’s flushed down the toilet. The number one consumption of home water use comes from flushing the toilet, second to taking a bath or shower. So when you talk about conserving water, you’ll know why we need to conserve. California continues to grow in population, and we will continue to find new ways to save water.

The Energy Policy Act Passed In 1992

The average person doesn’t know this but the Energy Policy Act that was passed in 1992 and went into effect in 1994 mandates that the maximum flush volume for toilets is 1.6 gallons. Manufacturers complied and since 1992, all toilets made are now 1.6 gallons per flush or less. The transition wasn’t easy, as some complained about the need to flush more than once. They felt that flushing twice defeated the purpose. Since then, high-efficiency designs have significantly improved across all manufacturers. Fast forward 25 years and the new technology is fantastic for both residential and commercial usage. There are two types of technology, conventional gravity-flow toilet, and pressure-assisted toilet. The gravity-flow toilet is most widely available and the number one choice for residential use, while the gravity-flow toilets are the first choice for commercial locations. 

Too Many People, Not Enough Resources

So the next time you hear about our water crisis in California, remember it’s more of a people crisis. Too many people, not enough resources, but like everything else such as plastic shopping bags, plastic straws or low flow toilets, we make our adjustments and move on. Complaining about it will get you nowhere. If you’re a person with a toilet that’s more than 25 years old, call Big B’s Plumbing, we got you covered.  

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