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Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Faucet for Your Home

The kitchen faucet is the heart of your kitchen. If you’re considering replacing your faucet, you want to make the best choice. You’re in the right place! We’ll guide you through everything you need to know. From single-handle and double-handle to pull-down, pull-out, touchless, and voice-activated faucets, we’ve got it covered. We’ll also discuss installation, functionality, maintenance, and the latest technology. Plus, we’ll explore current trends and help you set a budget. Let’s get started on finding the perfect kitchen faucet for you!

Some would prefer to ignore trends, while others want to know exactly what’s hot in the marketplace. We cannot pinpoint the best-sellers because there are just too many to choose from. So, we took one faucet from different categories and offered our take.

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Best Overall: ($150 Amazon)

BioBidet Flow Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer Motion Activated 

A hands-free motion sensor activates the water with a simple hand wave. The innovative SmartLatch technology turns the water on when you pull down the sprayer and stops it when you put it back. They feature a retractable pull-down hose with spray and stream options, a high-arc design in five elegant finishes, and are easy to install yourself with battery power and options for single—or three-hole setups.

BioBidet Flow Kitchen Faucet

Best Value: ($52.38 Amazon)

WEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet 

The tulip-style kitchen faucet brings a simple and fresh look to your kitchen, easily matching most sinks. They feature a multifunctional spray head with three settings: stream for filling water, spray for rinsing, and pause to prevent splashing while multitasking. With a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute and a CEC listing, it guarantees efficient water use. 

The faucet is easy to install, with a pre-installed pull-down hose and water line, allowing for a DIY setup in less than 30 minutes without needing a plumber. Operation is straightforward, thanks to a single handle that controls water temperature and flow. The high-arc, 360-degree swivel spout provides full-range washing access, and the sprayer head retracts back into place after each use. Its superior finish prevents dirt from sticking, making it simple to clean with a cloth for everyday maintenance.

WEWE Single Handle High Arc

Best Touchless: ($433.73 Amazon)

Moen Arbor Smart Faucet with Touchless Pull-Down Sprayer this kitchen Faucet has Voice Control 

The smart faucet offers four control methods that can be used independently from the handle, including the Voice, App, Manual, and Hands-Free. Its features can be customized with the presets for precise measurements and temperatures, making daily tasks easier, such as saying, “Alexa/Hey Google, tell Moen to fill the baby bottle.” You can activate the faucet with voice commands for specific or preset actions like “Alexa/Google, or Ask Moen to dispense one cup of water.” The hands-free feature uses a wave sensor to start and stop the flow of water with easy hand movement. 

The Moen app allows for personalized control and experiences directly from your smartphone. The versatile, highly reflective chrome finish creates a mirror-like finish that complements any decor style. For voice control, you’ll need a smartphone, Amazon or Google smart speaker, and wireless internet.

Best with Pull-Down Sprayer: ($313 Amazon)

Delta Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet with a Pull Down Faucet Sprayer, Touch2O Technology 

Touch on, touch off—use your wrist or forearm to activate the water flow on this kitchen faucet, perfect for messy hands, or operate it manually with the single lever handle. The TempSense LED indicator light changes color to reflect water temperature so you can check it from across the room. MagnaTite Docking ensures the kitchen sprayer snaps securely into place with a powerful magnet, preventing drooping over time. 

The DIAMOND Seal patented technologies reduce leaks, lasting well above industry standard, providing leak-free function for the faucet’s lifetime. ShieldSpray Technology delivers a powerful, splatter-free spray, cutting through stubborn messes with 90% less splatter than standard sprays. 

Installation is easy with single or three-hole, eight-inch configurations, and everything you need is included in one box, including an optional deck plate and integrated InnoFlex supply lines. The faucet is battery-operated, with options for up to 2 years of battery life with 6 AA batteries (included) or up to 5 years with 6 C batteries (not included). Touch2O Technology differentiates between a touch and a grab, reducing accidental activation.

Best Low Arc: ($189 Amazon)

GROHE Eurosmart Dual Spray with Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet and Sprayer 

The pull-out faucet features a dual sprayer with a wide rinsing spray and a steady stream. It is engineered in Germany and includes a ceramic disc valve that provides a drip-free undertaking. It’s easy to install, fitting single-hole, two-hole, and three-hole sink and countertops. The sprayer is easily cleaned with GROHE SpeedClean with its patented rubber nozzles, allowing you to quickly wipe away limescale from your fingertip. The single-handle design, featuring GROHE SilkMove, provides smooth and precise control. The faucet swivels ninety degrees for easy access to all corners of the sink, including GROHE StarLight coating, which provides durable and long-lasting finishes.

Best Gold: ($270 Amazon)

Kraus Oletto with a Single Handle with Pull-Down Faucet 

The Oletto faucet boasts an elegant and ergonomic design, making it a stunning focal point in any laundry room or kitchen. Its spot-free finish resists water spots and fingerprints, ensuring a cleaner look that won’t fade or tarnish over time. With a height of 16 5/8 inches and a spout reach of 8 7/8 inches, this faucet swivels 360 degrees for a full range of motion and has a flow rate of 1.8 gpm. 

The spout has a high-arc spout that provides ample room for oversized items, while Reach Technology allows the hose to flex, pivot, and retract easily. The comfort grip handle operates with a ninety-degree forward rotation, perfect for tight spaces. The dual-function spray head offers an aerated stream for everyday cleaning and a powerful spray for heavy-duty rinsing, with easy-clean nozzles to wipe away mineral build-up. 

Constructed from solid brass with premium components, the Oletto faucet guarantees leak-free use over its lifetime. Note that the appearance of gold finishes may vary depending on your kitchen’s lighting and surrounding colors, so the actual look of your home might differ slightly from the images.

We Still Love:

Still Our Favorite: ($259 Amazon)

Kohler Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet, with Pull-Down Sprayer

The single lever handle is easy to use and simplifies water temperature adjustments. Its high arch and unique exposed-spring design offer exceptional control and flexibility. With a touch-control feature, the two-function spray head allows you to switch seamlessly between stream and sweep spray. The sweep spray has specially angled nozzles that create a wide, powerful blade of water, making it perfect for cleaning dishes and the sink. The ceramic disc valve provides long-lasting performance, exceeding industry standards for durability.

What is a Touchless Faucet?

A touchless faucet is a type of kitchen or bathroom faucet equipped with motion sensors. It allows you to activate the water flow without touching the handle. Simply waving your hand or placing an object like a dish or cup near the sensor triggers the faucet to turn on, and it shuts off automatically after a set period or when you move away.

Benefits of a Touchless Faucet


By eliminating the need to touch the faucet, touchless faucets reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, making your kitchen or bathroom more sanitary.

Incredibly Convenient

Touchless faucets are incredibly convenient, especially when your hands are full or dirty. You can easily turn the water on and off with a simple wave of your hand.

Water Conservation 

Many touchless faucets are designed to conserve water by shutting off automatically, reducing water waste and lowering utility bills.

Easy to use 

These faucets are user-friendly and ideal for people with limited mobility or arthritis, as they don’t require turning knobs or handles.

Modern Aesthetic 

Touchless faucets add a sleek, modern look to any kitchen or bathroom, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.

Reduced Cleaning 

Since there are fewer touchpoints, touchless faucets tend to stay cleaner longer, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.


Some models offer features like adjustable water temperature and flow settings, allowing you to customize the faucet to your preferences.

Overall, touchless faucets offer a blend of modern technology and practical benefits that enhance home functionality and hygiene.

Benefits of a Voice-Activated Kitchen Sink

Hands-Free Convenience 

Voice activation allows you to operate your kitchen sink without touching it, which is especially useful when your hands are full or dirty. You can start and stop the water flow using simple voice commands.

Precision and Control 

You can issue voice commands to control the exact amount of water and the specific temperature you need. This precision helps in tasks like filling a pot with a specific amount of water or getting the perfect temperature for washing vegetables.

Enhanced Hygiene 

Voice-activated sinks minimize the spread of germs and bacteria by reducing the need to touch the faucet, contributing to a cleaner and more sanitary kitchen environment.


Voice commands can speed up your kitchen tasks. For example, you can pre-set commands for common tasks like filling the coffee maker or washing your hands, making your daily routine more efficient.

Water Conservation 

With precise control over water usage, voice-activated sinks can help conserve water. You can set the faucet to dispense only the amount of water you need, reducing waste.

Smart Home Integration 

Voice-activated sinks can be integrated with other smart home devices and systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows for a seamless smart home experience, where you can control multiple devices with voice commands.

Customization and Convenience 

Many voice-activated faucets offer customizable presets, allowing you to program specific commands for your regular kitchen tasks. For example, you can have a command to fill the baby bottle or to dispense a certain amount of water at a specific temperature.

Modern Aesthetic and Innovation

Installing a voice-activated sink adds a modern and innovative touch to your kitchen, enhancing its overall look and functionality. It can also increase the value of your home by showcasing advanced technology.


Voice-activated sinks are particularly beneficial for people with disabilities or limited mobility, providing an easier and more accessible way to use the kitchen faucet without physical effort.

A voice-activated kitchen sink offers numerous benefits, from enhanced convenience and hygiene to precise water control and integration with smart home systems. It simplifies kitchen tasks, conserves water, and adds a touch of modern innovation to your home.

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