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10 Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked plumbing questions: #1 What should I do if my toilet is clogged? If your toilet is clogged, the first step is to avoid flushing it again, which could cause an overflow. There are three basic ways to unclog a toilet: If the clog persists, a professional plumber […]

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Plumbing Myths Debunked

Plumbing Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

First Plumbing Myth Debunked Starts With Your Garbage Disposal  I started by doing a Google search. This is what I typed in my Google search:  “Sharpen your garbage disposal blades with ice cubes.”  The top two searches were large plumbing, heating, and air companies. This was one direct quote: “But what about those myths that […]

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Before You Hire A Plumber, Try To Clear The Drain Yourself Using a Gentle Drain Cleaners

The Truth about Drain Cleaners: Are They Safe or Threat to Your Drains?

The Unexpected Danger Lurking in Your Home When inquiring about commercial drain cleaners, the consensus among plumbing companies is that they pose multiple hazards: The list of misconceptions continues! Consider the implications if this were even partially true for popular products such as Draino and Liquid Plumr. These longstanding companies would not have survived for […]

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