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Six Questions You Should Ask Your Plumber

Finding the right plumber can be a challenge. Most plumbing problems are unexpected. Most of us grab our device and make a search “plumber Murrieta,” and whatever pops up is what you get. If it’s a plumbing emergency, you want a company that will take care of the problem now. Here are six questions you should ask your plumber before you hire them.

#1 Do you have an active contractor’s license?

The contractor’s license will provide a wealth of information to the consumer. It takes a contractor years to get their license, and you do want one that’s knowledgeable and puts in the work. Here is the link to the state contractors board.

#2 Is your company insured, bonded and do you carry workman’s compensation on your employees?

Homeowners could be holding the bag if an uninsured worker gets hurt while on your property. When verifying a California contractor’s license the Contractors State License Board will tell you if the contractor in question carries workman’s compensation. They will provide the name of the carrier and when the policy will expire.

#3 Ask if their work is guaranteed.

Does the warranty include parts and labor and for how long?  There’s nothing worse than a plumbing problem that reoccurs after the plumber is gone. Most plumbing companies have a written policy guaranteeing their work. If they don’t have one, that may be a sign to look elsewhere.

#4 Is the job hourly or flat rate?

Great question. Most plumbing companies have a flat rate on each job. If the job runs into problems, it’s their responsibility to fix the problem. If the plumber is hourly and the job takes longer than expected, you’re going to have to pay up. I prefer flat rates.

#5 When do you want payment?

There are those shady plumbers out there. In fact, they are in every trade. The rule of thumb, NEVER gives a plumber a dime until the job is completed. The exception to an upfront payment, are remodels; in that case, your plumber may request a small portion.

#6 Do you offer free estimates?

Make sure FREE means FREE. In most cases, it only means free if they get the job. Big B’s Plumbing offers free estimates, and free is free whether they get the job or not. They don’t give estimates over the phone.

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