Super Smart Plumbing Technologies

You can’t avoid it, and it’s here to stay. I’m talking about technology. It has taken over all areas of life. From the lights that shine in our neighborhood streets to ordering coffee in advance in the morning. New technologies have taken over in all kinds of forms. Most homeowners would not be inclined to research the latest plumbing technologies unless something were to happen to the plumbing system. It’s taking place right before our eyes: brain pipes, smart pipes, cloud-based, and app-controlled pipes and appliances–––the list goes on.

Smart Plumbing Technologies Are Gradually Becoming More Affordable

The fact is, we now have water heaters connected to an app (application, a software application or software program loaded on a phone/tablet). Toilets that use less than a gallon of water, as well as light up — zero gravity bathtubs. Additionally, pipe monitoring systems, that monitor your pipes right from your smartphone. Adding some of the new technologies to your home will allow consumers to save on water and energy with monitoring. Additionally, smart plumbing technologies are gradually becoming more affordable.

A wave of voice command products has also picked up steam, such as the U by Moen. It is transforming the way we shower. Preset voice commands given to the Moen app, and it can start with a command to with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. You can also use your smartphone to set your shower to the perfect temperature. The app allows the user the capability to create up to 12 personalized presets, including name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower timer, and more.

The U By Moen Smart Technologies

Kohler Konnect Is Leading The Way

The Kohler Konnect from Kohler Co. has its own voice command bathroom experience. Verdera Voice has lighted mirrors that include hands-free lighting adjustment and a built-in voice assistant. It only starts there. You can also enjoy the ultimate voice-activated shower experience. DTV+ digital showering experience will respond to your voice commands, and the experience includes personalized steam, water, light, and music settings. PerfectFill™ smart bathing technology by Kohler Konnect will have you bathing without a care in the world. The built-in voice assistant

allows for the perfect bathing experience by filling your bathtub, heating to the ideal temperature, and draining the tub when done.

Verdera Voice Smart plumbing

Toilet Technology

Nothing would be complete without the toilet, and if you have to ask how much they are, you can’t afford them. The Kohler Numi® 1.0, Veil®, and Karing® 2.0 are the top of the line with the latest toilet technology. These sculptured toilets not only offer the finest in comfort and personal cleansing, but they also come complete with touch screen technologies. Additionally, they have earned the WaterSense label by using well below the EPA recommended 1.6 GPF.

Veil Toilet Smart Plumbing

Don’t Trust Your Installation To Just Anyone

If you’re a plumbing company that wants to compete, you better be on your game. Some of the new technologies require certification and training for installation, only the installation of a licensed, certified, plumbing contractor will validate the warranty. Don’t trust your new smart appliance or fixture to just anyone. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’re highly trained in the latest technologies and plumbing techniques. We pride ourselves on hundreds of top-notch testimonies and reviews with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

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