Household Drain Cleaners

Household Drain Cleaners: How They Work and the Science Behind Them

It’s About Making The Right Choice Because the Problem Isn’t Financially Burdensome Just over seven years ago, New York City had to allocate a staggering $18 million in its battle against sewer backups. A whopping 71% could be directly attributed to the insidious culprit known as grease. Meanwhile, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, an annual expenditure […]

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People Thinking About Their Plumbing

Are Drain Cleaners Safe for My Drains?

Every homeowner has faced a clogged drain of some kind, whether a small bathroom sink drain, toilet, or shower drain. Most of us whip out our faithful plunger and have at it! However, a plunger won’t get to the bottom of drains because they have bathroom products and hair combined that get wrapped around our […]

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drain cleaners

So What’s The Real Scoop On Drain Cleaners

Three Types of Drain Cleaners There are three types of chemical drain cleaners: caustic, oxidizing, and acid drain cleaners. Caustic drain cleaner contains lye and potassium hydroxide, which you will also find in industrial products. There are two familiar drain cleaning brands that we easily recognize, Drano® and Liquid Plumber®, both of which are caustic […]

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