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Composting or Garbage Disposal

Harnessing Nature’s Recycling Power: Embracing Composting and Maximizing Garbage Disposal Efficiency for a Greener Tomorrow

While garbage disposals have long been considered a convenient solution for disposing of food waste, their usage comes with certain caveats and drawbacks that warrant careful consideration. The thought of conveniently grinding food scraps and washing them away with water down the drain might seem like an environmentally friendly option, but the reality is more […]

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broken garbage disposal Garbage disposal repair or replacement

Help For Buying The Right Garbage Disposal

If you’re a homeowner, You have probably experienced some awkward situations. For instance, your dinner guests have just finished dinner, and you start tidying up. Unfortunately, it seems like you just stuffed a three-course meal down the garbage disposal, then turned it on, and nothing happened. Nothing could be worse than having guests over while dealing with a faulty garbage disposal.  I Set Out […]

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My Garbage Disposal Broke. Where Can I Get A Replacement?

My garbage disposal finally stopped. Where do I get a replacement? At Big B’s Plumbing, we have you covered for your garbage disposal replacement. Your garbage disposal should be replaced approximately every 10 to 15 years, and we’ve heard some of them lasting even longer. Like all appliances, if you properly care for them, you […]

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