The latest plumbing technologies

The Latest Plumbing Technologies

When we think about the latest technologies, our mind shifts to the advancements in cell phones, computers, and the latest gadgets. Rarely would anyone think about plumbing. The fact is, homeowners can go years without needing to call a plumber. Products and services such as hydro-jetting, trenchless sewer lines, tankless water heaters, smart pipes, and LED lights in our toilet bowls are all part of the latest plumbing technologies.  Many homeowners would not know the first thing about these products and services. Not only have they been on the market for some time, but they’ve also evolved to deliver better value to the consumer. For example, today’s new water heaters can save as much as 28% in energy cost over a water heater produced ten years ago.

A Skilled Plumbing Professional Is Still Highly Sought After

In spite of all the latest plumbing technologies, a skilled plumbing professional is still highly sought after above everything else. As the older generation of plumbing experts retire from the trade, fewer are choosing to replace them. For young people trying to find their way in life, becoming a plumber has many rewards that include excellent compensation and excellent benefits. If you’re returning from military duty or you’re a retired veteran, consider a career in the plumbing industry. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’re looking for career-minded individuals.

We Actively Promote Green Products

Going green is driving the latest plumbing technologies. Studies show that close to half the people shopping for plumbing products are earnestly looking for green products. At Big B’s Plumbing, we actively promote green products such as tankless water heaters, water-efficient showerheads, faucets, and low flow toilets. The new generation of homeowners are fans of efficiency, and it’s up to the plumbing companies to meet their demands of green products and services. The latest plumbing technologies also include in-house software. Last year Big B’s Plumbing upgraded to ServiceTitan, an all-in-one field service software for residential and commercial plumbing services. The software crosses over to other trades too. Our office is now almost paperless.
Go Green With The Latest Plumbing Technologies

Customer Safety Is Part Of New Plumbing Technology

New plumbing technologies have been affecting the way we look at our customers’ safety. is a third party company that completes background checks on anyone who enters your home for a service call. Once the technician checks out, the company then issues them a company badge. checks Big B’s Plumbing license and insurance throughout the year to make sure everything stays current. The owner of Big B’s Plumbing also receives background checks. When everything checks out, they receive the SEAL of approval. It’s easy to say you have a contractor’s license, insurance, and background checks, but it’s another thing to prove it. Our SEAL of approval shows our customers how committed we are to their safety and security.

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