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Watch Out For Plumbing Scams

Watch out for those plumbers who claim to work fast and cheaply. For many homeowners, if you’re not careful, you could be paying for services and supplies that were not as promised. Unfortunately, there are still people who are out to make a quick buck. If you’re a homeowner in need of plumbing services and you’re looking for the fastest, cheapest fix, beware! You are setting yourself up to be ripped off. In some cases, you won’t even know that you’ve been taken because they promise one thing and deliver another. Worst of all,  you won’t even know the difference. The big question is, “How can a homeowner guard themselves against being victimized?”

Many Plumbing Contractors Work Out Of Their Home

Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a plumber. Not all plumbing companies are the same. Many plumbing contractors work out of their homes, while others have a warehouse. Those that have a warehouse may charge slightly more because of the overhead; but in most instances, they offer faster, more reliable service. They answer their phone, offer plumbing emergency services, and usually stock the most popular products and supplies to provide speedier service. Don’t let money be the deciding factor when hiring a plumbing company.

Plumbing Scams Use Low-Cost Alternatives

Beware of plumbers and plumbing companies that tell you they are using the best supplies and materials. While some plumbing companies may be doing just that; others, however, may be using a lower-cost alternative. Ask your plumbing company what supplies they will be using on your home. Ask them to include brand names and compare prices. You can look online or compare prices at your local home improvement store. Home improvement stores can also offer advice on brand name products.

Look For Many Consistently Good Reviews

Always get more than one estimate, and don’t let money be the deciding factor. In some instances, you may have a plumbing emergency. Remember that in a matter of a couple of minutes, you can check reviews on Facebook, Google Business, and Yelp!. Look for consistency. You can’t miss with a company with lots of consistently good reviews. Ask for their plumbing contractor’s license number.  Just because they say they are a plumbing contractor doesn’t mean they are one. Sometimes plumbers will work under or use someone else’s contractor’s license. Make sure a contractor employs the person that’s doing the work or they have their own license. You can check it here. With a couple of clicks, you’ll know if the person doing the work is a bonded, licensed, and insured plumbing contractor.

Check Reviews to avoid plumbing scams

Plumbing Scams Target Affluent Neighborhoods

If you live in an affluent neighborhood, you are a target for plumbing scams. Plumbers and plumbing companies do not have regulated pricing.  High integrity plumbing companies provide their plumbing technicians with a price book, and those prices are charged to everyone regardless of the neighborhood. Plumbing companies that have stood the test of time and have excellent reviews, is an excellent place to start looking when getting an estimate. Additionally, no homeowner should have to pay for a plumbing estimate, whether the company gets the job or not.


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