Gas Line For A Barbecue

What To Consider When Installing A Gas Line

Have you ever stopped to consider how natural gas and propane plays a significant role in our home?  We use it for cooking, hot water, outdoor barbeques, fireplaces, drying clothes, and heating our homes. Most homeowners like natural gas because it costs less, some even claim they prefer it when cooking. They also prefer it because it’s cleaner burning and gives off a more localized source of heat. The fact is, much of our quality of life really depends on natural gas.

Your Big B’s Plumbing Gas Line Specialist Is Ready To Help

There are a couple of options when it comes to supplying gas to our homes, propane, or natural gas. You’ll usually find propane used in rural areas where there is no access to natural gas. If your home will use propane, then a tank is placed on the property. Typically you’re charged for the installation and the gas itself. Your Big B’s Plumbing gas specialist will pull the necessary permits and install the gas lines to your home and other areas such as the barbeque or fire pit. Your second option is natural gas, which is provided by your city or local utility. If natural gas has just become available in your area and you’re converting over, consult with your gas specialist because natural gas requires larger piping, in addition to larger burner orifices, to run correctly.

Proper Installation Is Critical

Are you setting up a new gas appliance? If you haven’t done it before, it’s probably best to consult with your plumbing contractor. As we all know, gas can be dangerous, so proper installation is critical. If it’s a remodel, moving your gas line to fit the latest appliance is also an option. Did you know that a water heater is considered an appliance? Maybe your electric water heater is ready to be replaced, and you want to switch to natural gas because it cost much less than electricity. This is a common occurrence, and your Big B’s Plumbing gas specialist will consult with you to provide an excellent solution.

Have Your Gas Line Installed By A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Don’t cut corners when installing a gas line. Back yards are a focal point for many families, especially if you have a pool and a barbeque. That’s where many awesome memories are made. Don’t put others at risk by having a gas line installed by a do-it-yourselfer or unlicensed contractor. If you are installing a gas line for a barbeque or fire pit, call your Big B’s Plumbing gas line expert. We’re A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau, and we have hundreds of top-notch reviews on Facebook, Yelp! and Google Business.

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