Can I Save A Few $$ And Do My Own Plumbing

Most of us are on tight budgets, so when a plumbing problem pops up, it doesn’t fit the budget. Can I fix most plumbing problems myself? The answer is “Yes.” Most of us can remember your mom saying that you can do anything you put your mind to. That still holds true today. It’s no mystery that we can go online and get a full list of instruction on how to fix anything. But there are some things we do need to consider: time, experience, safety, and equipment. Another thing that you’ll need to take into consideration is “guarantee.” For example, if you decide to change your garbage disposal and it leaks or fails, you’re stuck, whereas a plumbing company will guarantee their work.

Some manufacturers will not warranty their fixture or appliance unless installed by a licensed plumbing contractor. In the case of tankless water heaters, the plumbing company themselves have to be certified to complete an installation. Nothing can replace experience and education.Licensed Plumbing Contractor

You Can’t Replace A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

In regards to time, most of us have a busy lifestyle. We are active with work, school, and all the activities that go along with having kids. The question is,  “Do I sacrifice my time to fix a plumbing problem?” Even something as familiar as a clogged drain requires renting a plumber snake and educating yourself enough on how to use it. Safety is a huge factor. With regards to garbage disposals and water heaters, you’ll have to deal with gas and electric. If you’re installing a gas line, it will require a permit. Your contractor will know the ins and outs of the permitting process. Nothing can replace the experience of a plumbing contractor.

Is It Practical To Do My Plumbing

Do you have the equipment to do the repairs? Guaranteed your plumber will have a full arsenal of tools. No worries about driving to a rental yard for a tool that you might need. Your plumbing company even has access to heavy equipment if needed. So yes, you can do some of your own plumbing, but is it practical, cost-effective or efficient? 

Here are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself before starting any plumbing project: Do I have the necessary tools and equipment? Will it take valued time away from family? And most of all, is it safe for me to do it myself? You can’t replace the experience and education of a plumbing contractor. If you need a plumbing contractor that’s licensed, insured, and bonded, call Big B’s Plumbing today #986152. Big B’s Plumbing is an accredited A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau.


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