Clogged drains

Can We Use Drain Cleaners As A Clog Remover?

It drives me crazy trying to keep information straight on whether Drano or other similar products are safe to pour down those slow drains. Will my pipes be ok? Will product slowly eat away my pipes to cause leaks? Is it environmentally wrong?  Information is always changing, and I’m finding myself still searching for the answer.

Here’s how I handled my slow moving drains.

First, if the water in your sink or bathtub is slowly draining, let’s try removing all the gunk that we can. (ICK!) I’ve seen the stuff that comes out of there when my husband does it. SO MUCH HAIR, and icky black gunk, toothpaste blobs and then, more hair! If you have to, get a plumber’s snake (the technical term is “auger”) to help clear out what’s clogging and slowing down the water. You will have many to choose from at your local hardware store. Sometimes that’s all it takes for the water to be flowing as it should.

If that doesn’t work, you can try this home remedy.

Pour half of a cup of table salt into the drain. Then pour half of a cup of baking soda down. Now flow half of a cup of vinegar into the pipe. Let it do its thing for about 15-20 minutes. After that time, pour hot tap water or boiling water into the drain for three minutes. Hopefully, this will open and clear out the clog. You might want to repeat the process to clear the drain completely. With most slow-moving drains, this will do the trick.

Finding the right “solution”: Drano or what?

If you are too lazy to try these methods or the water is still draining too slowly, let’s consider what products to try. Again, you can find all kinds at your local hardware store and even ask the clerks what works best for the issue you have at your home. The product shopping can be so overwhelming since there are tons of options. They now have “maximum strength,” “deep cleaning foam,” “gel removing system,” “safe for septic,” “industrial strength,” “drain strips,” “instant power” and so many more kinds.

By the end of this “Do It Yourself” phase, and your drains are still not draining fast enough, or if you just have had enough, call your Big B’s plumbing specialist so they can diagnose the problem. Most likely, this will be a small job for them. Check them out on Facebook, Google+, and Yelp; they’ve got great reviews.

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