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How to Clear a Bathroom Sink

Everyone has experienced a clogged bathroom sink. In fact, at least a couple of years or more our bathroom sink start to back up. Even when we create new habits to prevent out sinks from clogging, they still get backed up. The most significant problems occur from our daily routine, brushing our teeth, combing hair and washing hands. All three is what causes our sinks to clog, soap, hair, and toothpaste.

I’ll take you through a few simple steps to quickly and efficiently get your sink flowing again.

#1 Remove the stopper from the sink by removing the horizontal rod and clip. First, remove the clip then remove the rod. The rod is fastened by one nut. Then proceed by removing the stopper. The stopper should pop right out.

Horizontal Bar and Clip

Horizontal Bar and Clip

#2 Remove and clean all the scum, hair, and debris from the drain and stopper. An old toothbrush works great for cleaning the drain. A plastic Zip-It works well for removing built-up hair and particles. The Zip-It can reach as far down as 16″. Then run hot water down your drain for a few minutes.

#3 If your drain is still backing up then your problem is much deeper. As long as other drains in your home are not backing up, then the slow moving drain is isolated to this area. You can purchase a small auger from Walmart or Home Depot for about $20. It’s better than renting one, and it’s nice to have around the home for any other
drains you may need to clear.

# 4 Don’t close up your drain because you’ll need to put your small auger down the open drain. This should do Dirty Stopperthe trick. If the problem still exists then call your plumber.

#5 It’s time to put the parts back together. The parts consist of one nut, clip, horizontal bar, and a stopper. But to be honest, it takes a little more time to put it back together. You will need to line up the hole in the bottom of the stopper to the horizontal rod that’s in your drain pipe. Connecting the two is what makes your stopper work correctly. When the stopper is down, it should give your drain a tight seal, so no water escapes.

#6 Final step is the placement of the clip. The horizontal rod should be placed precisely back into the hole where it came out. The horizontal rod connects to the strap and screw which allows the lift rod on your faucet to open and close your stopper. In some cases, you may need a helper on the top of the sink while you’re placing the horizontal rod in the proper hole.

Clearing a bathroom sink can be simple and does not require a plumber. You can expect a heavily used bathroom sink to clog once every couple of years or more. Removing the simple parts and hand cleaning it will assure you that the problem will not keep reoccurring.


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