Commercial Plumber Or Residential Plumber

So what is the difference between a commercial plumber and residential plumber? Some of the differences are obvious. For example, if a drain backs up in a home, the problem can be scheduled for later that same day; but for a business, they need someone ASAP. If you’re a restaurant owner and the urinal is backed up, it will be bad for business.  Additionally, a residential home is isolated to one area whereas commercial buildings may have a complete network. Plumbing codes are different from residential, and your commercial plumber must know those codes. When dealing with a residential customer, you’re dealing with one family. With a commercial plumbing problem, it can affect a whole apartment complex, shopping mall, or high rise office building.

A Commercial Plumbing Problem Requires Immediate Attention

commercial plumber

Commercial plumbing requires all the tools of residential plumbing plus some. In some cases, commercial plumbing companies may be under contract. For instance, franchises like fast food locations have contracts with commercial plumbing companies that give them the highest priority when something goes wrong. Schools, restaurants, and government buildings all have plumbing companies under contract. These companies usually conduct regular maintenance, especially for restaurants where clogged sewer lines can be a problem.  In our residence, most plumbing problems can wait until the next business day. Not so in a hospital, clinic or resort; even the smallest plumbing problem will require immediate attention.

A Commercial Plumber Is Subject To Inspection

Unlike residential plumbing, the commercial plumber is subject to inspections. Your plumbing contractor must have government plumbing codes memorized to keep up with the demand. Commercial plumbing is 24/7, 365 a year. Big B’s Plumbing is a licensed, insured and bonded commercial and residential plumbing contractor #986152. We’ve been meeting the demands of the plumbing industry in the Inland  Empire, Riverside County, and San Diego for close to a decade. The Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating, and don’t forget to check out our reviews.

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