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Common Questions About Hydro Jetting

So what are the common questions about hydro jetting? First of all, some people have never heard of hydro jetting so let’s start with the basics.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting broken down is jetting water through the pipes. It’s the process of flushing a high powered amount of water (4000 PSI-pounds per square inch) with a specialized hose through the pipes to clear out anything that may be blocking or slowing the drains or sewer. It will remove grease, debris, hair, other buildups, and even tree roots.

Can’t we use a plumber’s snake?

For most clogs in your home, the plumber’s snake is sufficient. But if you think about it, when you use the plumber’s snake down the sink, it can clear out the junk, but the buildup is still on the pipe’s wall. It just waits to collect debris again to get clogged again, which sounds like a temporary solution that can lead to a long term costly problem. Hydro jetting will clean the inner walls of the pipe or drain so it will return to its original diameter. The hydro jetter has an efficient nozzle which shoots water forward and water that angles backward. By using this technology, it thoroughly cleans off the debris like brand new.

Will hydro jetting destroy your pipes?

The hydro jetting process does not destroy your pipes; it does not cause any damage to your pipes, ones made of plastic, steel, or copper.

Can I rent a hydro jet machine and do it myself?

It’s probably best to call a plumbing specialist like Big B’s Plumbing. Though this technology is safe, it’s most safe when someone experienced is using it. For instance, if you use the hydro jet at its highest setting and hold the hose in the same place at a plastic pipe, something could go wrong. Better to be safe than sorry. Call Big B’s Plumbing, they are highly skilled and are excited to do what they do best.

Will hydro jetting clear out tree roots from the sewer lines?

Absolutely. The hydro jet water stream is powerful enough to clear out those roots. If you think you have roots in your pipes, call Big B’s Plumbing to assess the problem. There are a variety of ways we can get rid of tree roots in the sewer lines, and depending on the situation they will provide the best solution to eliminate those issues from coming back.

How often do we need hydro jetting services?

At Big B’s Plumbing, we can evaluate your plumbing needs. We have state of the art equipment, we use a particular camera that sends us pictures of your pipes and drains. Once diagnosed, we can formulate a plan of attack before we get attacked with a massive clog. Creating a maintenance plan will save you money in the long run, so contact your Big B’s Plumbing specialist today. Big B’s Plumbing License #986152

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