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Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

Over the years we start to hear the same plumbing questions over and over again. We’re not complaining. In fact, we love to help whenever we can. We’ve been known to stay on the phone to help someone locate what they needed. The problem is most people rarely ever need to find a cleanout or shut off valve, so they don’t know what they’re looking for.  

We Asked Plumbing Questions Ane We Got Answers

I Asked Plumbing Questions

Let’s start there. The first plumbing question is, “Where is my cleanout located?”

No two homes are precisely the same. If you are in a residential neighborhood, the builder usually places them in the same place for each home. For those of us in Southern California, our home cleanout is found outside on the perimeter of our home.  In many cases, houses today have more than one cleanout, one on both sides of the house. The cleanout is 3 to 4 inches in diameter, white or black pipe with a top that screws off and sticks out slightly above the ground. In colder climates, the cleanout could be found indoors. For example, in a garage or utility shed. Ask all the plumbing questions you need, to get the right answer.

The second plumbing question is, “Where’s my water is shut-off valve located?”

Here are some ways to find your shut-off valve. The water shut off valve is usually located on the perimeter of your home and in some cases, in the garage. It’s about three feet off the ground. If you’re purchasing a home, make sure you have a thorough walkthrough locating cleanouts and shut off valves. Another idea is to locate your water meter at the street. Look for the shortest direct path to your home from the water meter.  The shut-off valve is usually found where the water lines meet coming into your home.

Third commonly asked plumbing question is, “If I’m leaving home for an extended period, should I shut the water off?”

If you’re leaving your home for more than a day, it’s an excellent idea to shut your water off. A simple turn of the handle could save you big. A leak that’s the size of a pinhole can cause devastating damage if it’s left undiscovered.

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