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Considerations When Choosing A Plumbing Company

Issues with our plumbing are always unexpected. In some cases, it may be an emergency plumbing issue; in other cases, it may be a minor issue such a clogged drain. Whatever the problem, you need to find a reputable plumbing company. If the plumbing issue is significant, you may need to get more than one estimate. Getting an estimate could cost you if you’re not aware. Some companies will charge for an estimate if they come to your home and they don’t get the job. At Big B’s Plumbing, all our estimates are free whether we get the job or not. We believe the customer should never have to pay for an estimate. Additionally, we prefer to give an accurate in-home estimate rather than one over the phone. 

Choose a Plumbing Company With A Good Reputation

Choosing a company with a good reputation is critical if you want to get the value and service you expect. We live in a time when technology is at our fingertips, so take the few extra minutes to complete a search for the right plumbing company. If your plumbing problem is significant; for example, trenchless sewer line repair, broken water heater, and a slab leak are all reasons to get more than one estimate. Consider the time when you’re getting an estimate as a time to interview of the plumbing company you’re considering for hire. Ask questions like, “Do you guarantee your work?”, “How long are the parts and labor guaranteed?”, and “When can we expect the job to start and finish?”

We're Not The Cheapest Plumber

Hire A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Make sure you hire a licensed plumbing contractor. You cannot replace education and the experience of a state certified plumbing contractor. An approved plumber from the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) will empower the consumer to check on the status of any license. With a couple of clicks, you can know if your plumbing company’s license is current, along with other information on the bond, workers’ compensation history, and insurance information.  The CSLB, in a sense, holds a contractor accountable and to the highest standard. The CSLB goes to great lengths to protect the public and the contractor as well. 

Reviews Speak Volumes About A Company

When choosing a plumber, do the obvious and check their reviews. While reviews aren’t the tell-all for every plumbing company, they will speak volumes about the integrity of the company. Check how many reviews a company has. Read the excellent reviews as well as any bad ones. A company with lots of reviews are soliciting a consumer for comments on their work, which is a good thing. A company with a minimal amount of reviews are either a new company or don’t make an effort to ask a customer to comment on their work. 

When choosing a plumber, here are some tips:  

1. Ask for an in-home estimate.

2. Treat the estimate as an interview.

3. Hire a California State Plumbing Contractor.

4. Check Reviews.

5. Choose a company you’re comfortable with and that provides excellent value.

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